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Lyman Briggs College in Five Words:

An inclusive, encouraging, rewarding environment

Meghan Lederman, Human Biology major

A well-rounded science education

Ellary Marano, Fisheries and Wildlife major

Interactive, collaborative, challenging and developmental

Victor Dirita, Neuroscience

LBC is a great choice for students who are passionate about science. No matter your background, we have the resources and commitment to your success. We offer courses and programs for students of all abilities.

Taught by faculty who care deeply about students, our courses offer strong foundations in science and math, and empower students to think critically about science in context.

Class size is smaller than the standard university setting, and many labs operate on a free schedule or open lab basis for ease of access. 

We are known for our supportive and innovative instructors, involved students, and ready access to resources like advising, tutoring, and office hours.

LBC Courses by Academic Subject