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Future Students

Upcoming Visits

Discover how Lyman Briggs College offers students the chance to pursue the scientific understanding the world needs right now, in a supportive community with small classes. Attend one of our upcoming visits--offered in-person and online!

What is Lyman Briggs College?

Lyman Briggs College is a science-focused residential college at Michigan State University. Since 1967, we have committed to connecting the natural sciences and mathematics with the humanities and social sciences.

Lyman Briggs students build strong foundations and explore the interconnections of scholarly fields through courses in the following areas:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • math
  • writing and research

LBC students also take a sequence of courses on the history, philosophy, and sociology of science, also known as HPS, from an introduction in their first year to several courses in their third and fourth years. These courses help students think critically, asking questions like:

  • What is the societal environment in which science is done?
  • What impact does science have upon society?
  • How do scientists think about questions in their own fields?
  • How do scholars in other fields evaluate the methods and conclusions of science?

Students engage in thoughtful research projects and learn from top researchers and innovative teaching faculty who regularly win awards for their work in the classroom.

What Makes Briggs Unique?

LBC Student Testimonials: The Community

The Residential College: Learn in the Same Building Where You Live

Check out our academic spaces and get a feel for what Holmes Hall is like using the virtual tour below. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard will help you progress nicely through the hallways.


LBC Recruiting

Jacki Dotts

Jacki Dotts

Coordinator of Recruitment, Academic Advisor