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LB 492: The Senior Capstone

The capstone course, LB 492, is the culmination of an LBC education. Students, in close collaboration with faculty members, dive into scientific concepts in contemporary society. LB 492 is where students' abilities to think critically and communicate effectively can shine. 

Taken during a student's final year, it completes the Tier II writing requirements for graduation when complemented by an upper-division HPS course.


Current and past examples:

  • Effective Altruism: the Responsible, the Radical, and the Ridiculous
  • Science, Pseudoscience and B.S.
  • Scientific Values
  • The Environmental and Health Impacts of our Food Choices
  • The $cience of Capitalism
  • Health, Sex, and Feminism in the Trans-Pacific World
  • Human Technology: Cyborgs, Robots, and AI
  • Biology and Society
  • Constructing the Body
  • Cherish or Perish: Controversial Questions in Conservation Biology
  • Medicine in the Wild: The Sociology of the Hospital
  • History of Computing
  • Systems Approach to Environmental Problems: The Problem of Waste
  • Techniques of the Self: The Art and Science of Self-Making
  • Evolutionary Design
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning
  • Drugs: Identity, Freedom, Responsibility & Politics