In the Field

Experience is the best teacher. At Lyman Briggs College, students are encouraged to complement their academic work in courses with real-world experiences and research opportunities.

Director of Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is central to the Lyman Briggs experience. I am thrilled to support our students as they become learning assistants and pursue research and other high-powered experiential opportunities and I am excited to work with Briggs students, faculty, and staff to expand the scope and quality of these offerings within the college.  

Experience is the best teacher. When I look back at my own formative experiences, many of the richest occurred outside of a classroom. But something amazing happens when you support or interpret those “extracurricular” experiences through the lens provided by formal classroom education, especially under the mentorship of excellent faculty. This is the aim of experiential learning at Lyman Briggs College: to couple moving experience with thoughtful reflection. 

My goal is to give every Lyman Briggs Student the chance to take part in a substantive, intensive, distinctive, meaningful co-curricular experiential learning opportunity.


Isaac Record

Director of Experiential Learning

Isaac Record, Director of Experiential Learning