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Students at Lyman Briggs College enjoy some of the most innovative educational opportunities, and will count themselves among a network of amazing, accomplished graduates. Our alumni are encouraged to stay connected with the college and enjoy some of the same benefits while helping to enhance the experience for future generations.

LBC donors, employees and students at the Scholarship Luncheon in April 2023
The 2023 Scholarship Luncheon included donors, alums, scholarship recipients, and LBC personnel, along with counterparts in the other two MSU residential colleges

Alumni Involvement Checklist:

Complete the Destination Survey (Spring & Summer 2024 graduates only):

Your Spartan alumni adventure has just begun. Whether it’s grad school, med school, a new job, or a gap year, tell us what’s next for you! We want to know where our recent graduates are headed, please complete the destination survey below!

Complete Destination Survey

Still deciding on your next steps? You have access to career services for two years after graduation! Book an appointment with the LBC Career Team on Handshake.

Book an Appointment 

1. Update your Engagement Profile

Are you interested in connecting again with the college? Would you be willing to volunteer as a mentor during a Briggs Career Chat or Mock Interview? Would you be interested in speaking on an alumni panel or acting as a research showcase judge? We want to help engage more alumni! Use the button below to update your engagement profile to let us know what you are interested in!

Update Profile

2. Update your LinkedIn profile to show you graduated from Lyman Briggs!

Our newly public LinkedIn Business Page aims to allow Briggsies to build their professional networks. As we phase away from Briggs Connect, this LinkedIn page will be the new link between alumni and students seeking to collaborate and form a connection. Now more than ever, we need to build and utilize our Briggs network!

3. Submit a Class Note

We have more than 8,000 alumni across the world, which makes it hard to stay connected and keep up with accomplishments. Through Class Notes, we invite you, alumni, to submit updates about your professional or personal life, including promotions, transfers, marriages and baby announcements to share with fellow alumni in the next issue of the LBC enewsletter.

Submit a Class Note

5. Share Job, Internship, or Research Opportunities

With the state of our economy right now, many students are left feeling uncertain about their future. Research projects, summer internships and study abroad programs are fewer and farther between, leaving students unsure what to do next. If you know of opportunities for meaningful professional development, please contact us. 

Contact the Engagement Office

6. Consider Your Legacy

Many Briggs alumni and friends take the important step of investing in the future of the college to ensure the opportunities they had as students are available for generations to come. Have you considered establishing a fund using cash, appreciated stock, or your IRA required minimum distribution? Would you like to learn more about how you can establish an endowment with no cost to you today by remembering us as a beneficiary on your retirement account or in your will? We can help! 

Contact the LBC Engagement Office


Sarah Dickinson

LBC Assistant Director of Alumni Relations


Sarah Dickinson, Alumni and Donor Relations Coordinator