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Academic Support

We are committed to the success of all students admitted to Michigan State University.

Lyman Briggs Support

If students are passionate about science, we want to encourage them in their academic pursuits. The following are examples of programs and people that provide real support.


The INQUIRE program is designed for incoming Lyman Briggs students who have placed into Math 103 (MTH 103). INQUIRE offers students an opportunity to take science courses in an encouraging and supportive cohort of peers. Students enjoy smaller class sizes, improve study and test-taking skills, and strengthen fundamentals in math, writing, and chemistry.


Another example of LBC support is the NSF Spring Scholars Program, which provides career experiences, networking opportunities, and scholarships to cohorts of students who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM. The program was funded by the NSF--the National Sciences Foundation. 

LBC Faculty and Advisors

Faculty hold office hours to answer questions and provide additional assistance to students. Advisors offer walk-in advising weekly, connecting students to resources.

University Support

In a university as large as Michigan State, there are dozens of resources available to students to assist in aspects of coursework.


For help with specific courses, students have a number of tutoring centers available. 

Workshops on Academic Success Skills

In a series of workshops from the Collaborative Learning Center, students can learn to set goals, use their time more efficiently, and become better learners. Additionally, student can expand their range of study strategies and learn to analyze course content and assessments in order not just to improve grades, but also to heighten understanding and intellectual development.

Consultations on Writing

If students need assistance with writing, The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations at locations all over campus. Schedule a consultation online, as walk-ins are not typically accepted.