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Briggs Chemistry

At Briggs, we know that chemistry provides a connection between the small and the large. We like to think that the smaller class and laboratory setting actually allows large ideas to take hold.

Briggs chemistry labs help students master chemistry concepts, develop lab techniques, become proficient at scientific writing, and follow their curiosity in experiments. In addition, Briggs chemistry will help you grasp the deep relevance of chemistry to modern medical, pharmaceutical, biological, environmental and technological problems.

A student makes ice cream with dry ice in the Chemistry lab


All course details, including semesters and times offered, can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.

LB 171: Principles of Chemistry 

Stoichiometry, quantum mechanics and interactions of light with matter, periodic trends, Lewis dot structures, molecular structure, polarity and intermolecular forces, valence bond theory, introduction to organic chemistry, enthalpy and heat transfer.

Laboratory course corequisite: LB 171L

LB 171L: Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I

Determination of density and molecular weight. Stoichometry. Acid-base titration, redox titration. Reaction kinetics, thermochemistry, Beer's law, freezing point depression, and equilibrium constants.

Lecture course corequisite: LB 171

LB 172: Principles of Chemistry II

Gases, properties of solutions, introduction to solid state chemistry, molecular orbital theory, chemical equilibria, chemical kinetics, acid/base equilibria, solubility equilibria, entropy, free energy, electrochemistry, redox reactions, nuclear chemistry

Laboratory course corequisite: LB 172L

LB 172L: Reactivity Laboratory

Synthesis and characterization of chemical systems

Lecture course corequisite: LB 172


Visit the Faculty and Staff Directory and select Subject Area: Chemistry to read the names and biographical information of Briggs Chemistry faculty.