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Briggs Mathematics

Lyman Briggs offers students math courses taught in small class sections. We provide support in the form of teaching assistants, special review sessions, and more extensive office hours—all conveniently located in Holmes Hall. 

Goals of Briggs Math:

  • Students will become more confident in their mathematical abilities.

  • Students will improve in their ability to communicate mathematics.
  • Students will become informed consumers of numerical and statistical information.
  • Students will learn to work in teams to solve complex problems.
  • Students will improve in their ability to use abstract reasoning to recognize and solve problems that fit into the same category.
  • Students will improve in their ability to build and interpret mathematical models.


A LBC freshman enters the four-course sequence at their own placement level, and continues coursework to fulfill requirements for their major. 

All course details, including semesters and times offered, can be found on the Office of the Registrar's website.

LB 117: Pre-Calculus

Accelerated college algebra and trigonometry

LB 118: Calculus I

Limits, continuity, differentiation, integration, and elementary applications

LB 119: Calculus II

Continuation of LB 118: Integration techniques, elementary differential equations, parametric curves, polar coordinates, sequences and series, vectors and vector operations

LB 220: Calculus III

Continuation of LB 119: Differential calculus of functions of two or three variables, double and triple integrals, line and surface integrals


Visit the Faculty and Staff Directory and select Subject Area: Mathematics to read the names and biographical information of Briggs Math faculty.