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Fall 2023 Incoming Students

Welcome to Lyman Briggs College!

Welcome from Dean Kendra Spence Cheruvelil

Welcome, Spartan! I am proud to welcome you to our community of science-minded students, faculty, advisors, and staff. You’re about to enter a college that affords you all the opportunities of a world-class research university and the dedication, connections, and support of a small undergraduate-focused college.

As you engage with science in its human, social, and global contexts, we invite you to follow your curiosity. You never know which research experience, course, or extracurricular experience will be the one that you look back on in 20 years as a defining moment in your life. Reach out to your LBC community, ask hard questions, and get involved in creating your college experience.

Welcome home!

Kendra Spence Cheruvelil

New Student Orientation-Related Sessions

Welcome to LBC! We look forward to working with you. Please complete all sessions one week prior to your advising and enrollment appointment.

Prior to your Academic Advising appointment, you are required to complete several sessions to understand various aspects of your Briggs experience, and to prepare to enroll for classes at MSU.  

Each session has its own webpage and is linked below. Please follow the checklist below to complete all necessary tasks to prepare you for appointment, as well as your first year at MSU. These components are crucial for your success and necessary to complete.

First-Year Student Checklist

Please complete the following tasks in the approximate order listed below.

Other helpful checklists are the Prepare to Enroll webpage of the MSU Office of Admissions and the First-Year Student Checklist from the New Student Orientation office.

  • Phase 1: Complete Placement Exams
    Complete Placement Exams
    1. Complete the Math Placement Exam: This is required unless you meet exemption requirements.
    2. Complete Writing Directed Self-Placement Assessment: This is encouraged, but not required by Lyman Briggs.
    3. Complete Foreign Language Placement Exams, if you plan to pursue a language as a minor or second major.

    Note: Retake the Math Placement Exam, if neededd, before your academic advising appointment. You can retake after a 4-week waiting period.

  • Phase 2: Complete Orientation Materials

    Complete Content to Prepare for Your Advising Appointment and Enrolling in Classes

    1. Log in to Desire2Learn (D2L) with your MSU NetID and password, and complete the New Student Orientation Experience
    2. Confirm your major (Lyman Briggs) at the end of the D2L course (pre-advising) (you'll have the opportunity to change it to something more specific after you start classes in the fall).
    3. Complete LBC Sessions on this website, at least one week BEFORE your academic advising appointment.
    4. Complete and submit LBC NSO Homework at least one week BEFORE your academic advising appointment. 
    Note: Please ensure you have confirmed Lyman Briggs as your major in the D2L NSO pre-advising section.  If you do not confirm Lyman Briggs as your major, you will be unable to schedule your advising appointment.
  • Phase 3: Advising Appointment

    Set the Appointment

    1. Once you have completed all of the NSO D2L content, you can set an appointment with an advisor. Remember to confirm Lyman Briggs as your major in D2L prior to scheduling an appointment.
    2. Log in to student.msu.edu and sign up your Academic Advising Appointment with reason “NSO Advising.” Full scheduling directions can be found in Session 6.


    Attend the Appointment

    • Make sure you've completed LBC sessions and homework one week BEFORE this appointment.
    • Send your official high school transcript, as well as any college transcripts to MSU.
    • Make sure you've sent all official exam (AP/IB/Dantes/CLEP) scores to MSU.

LBC New Student Orientation Sessions

Session 0: Exploring Lyman Briggs (for students who are not in LBC)

Session 1: Introduction to the Student Success and Advising Team

Session 2: College Credit

Session 3: University and Lyman Briggs Requirements

Session 4: Placement Exams

Session 5: Homework for Academic Advising

Session 6: Academic Advising Appointment

Session 7: Connecting with Community

Session 8: Career Connections