Academic Policies

At Lyman Briggs College, we have a tradition of upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and honesty. The Office of the Registrar's Academic Programs Catalog is the primary source for University regulations, policies, and procedures.

The Briggs Honor Code

"As a member of the Lyman Briggs College community, I vow to hold myself and my peers to the highest measures of honesty and integrity. I will neither give nor receive any unauthorized assistance in completing my work (through any resource — electronic or printed), which includes, but is not limited to: papers, essays, laboratory reports, group–work, and exams. I understand that this benchmark is set forth to uphold the intrinsic values of academic honesty and integrity."

Academic Honesty

Recent times have ushered in greater demands on students, new avenues for cheating (Internet, text messaging, etc.), and an increased desire by honest students to get appropriate credit for their work. Lyman Briggs College and the Student Advisory Council have worked together to make academic honesty a source of pride. Please take a look at the policy documents for Academic Honesty, Academic Hearings, and Academic Integrity for more information about academic honesty at Briggs.

Lyman Briggs College uses to promote academic honesty and help fight plagiarism. This site uses an immense database to compare student work to existing papers, articles, and reports to identify areas where students need to use citations, quotations, or modify their text. In this way, students and faculty alike can be more confident they are submitting honest work.