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HPS Course Substitution Form

Lyman Briggs College students should complete this form to request to have a non-LB course cover their upper-level HPS requirement. This is not a form to request a substitution for LB 492 (senior seminar). HPS majors or minors should not use this form and should instead consult with their major/minor advisor. All students should consult with an academic advisor prior to substituting a course.

Already-approved courses to cover the HPS LBC requirement

  • LB 321-7A 
  • LB 321-7B 
  • SOC 368 
  • HST 425 
  • ENG 473A

Note about the University Requirement

Please note: HPS course substitutions will not additionally cover University upper-level integrative studies requirements such as IAH 211+ or ISS 300-level. SOC 368, HST 425, and ENG 473A will also not cover the University upper-level integrative studies requirements. 

If you are in the Honors College, please consult with an advisor in the Honors College about a substitution request for this non-LB class.

Criteria for Successful HPS Course Substitutions 

A successful HPS course substitution has all of these criteria:

  • The course contains sufficient HPS content. 
  • The course is taught by an instructor with sufficient HPS training. 
  • The course has no more than 40 students enrolled. 
  • The course helps to fulfill Tier II writing requirements. 
  • The course is either at the 300-level or the 400-level.
  • The course may not be used to fulfill both the HPS requirement and a major requirement. 


No course substitution is guaranteed. Each substitution request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A complete course syllabus must be submitted to be evaluated.


Ideally, prior to the course drop date, do the following:

  1. Consult with an academic advisor before fully completing this form.
  2. Fill out the form, save it as a PDF with your last name as the file name to your computer, and attach it and the proposed course syllabus in an email to Dr. Sharon DeGraw at sdegraw@msu.edu.

Dr. DeGraw will notify you, and any advisor involved, of the decision.

The Form

Fillable PDF form