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Advising Syllabus: Second-Year Briggsies

What should students have done by the end of their second, or sophomore year?

Advising Appointments

Create an extended course plan with your major advisor and have the plan confirmed with a Briggs academic advisor

Declare major/minor

All MSU students must declare their desired majors/minors by the end of sophomore year, or by the time you have a cumulative 56 credits. Declare your major/minor using the LBC Major Declaration Form 

Engage in Career-Related Resources

  • Attend LBC Career workshops to explore career options and connect with LBC alumni in various industries.
  • Consult an LBC Peer Support Coordinator, who specializes in career support
  • Attend career/graduate/professional school fairs
  • Start building a rapport with professors and mentors who could provide recommendations later

Ongoing Enrollment

Enroll in Spring courses in November, and Summer and/or Fall semester courses in March