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Advising Syllabus: Fourth-Year Briggsies

What should students have done by the end of their fourth, or senior year?

Advising Appointments

At the start of the fall semester, make an advising appointment to asses progress toward graduation and goals.

Apply to Graduate

Enroll in ongoing courses to reach a minimum of 120 credits

Enroll in remaining Spring/Summer courses in November

High-Impact Learning Experience

Make sure you've engaged in a high-impact learning experience

Prepare for your next career steps

  • Create a professional identity
  • Know your online image – purge your online image – check privacy settings – clean online profile 
  • Create a LinkedIn profile page
  • Update resume & cover letters 
  • Have letters of recommendation ready for graduate/professional schools and employers
  • Attend LBC Career workshops to network with Briggs alumni in various career areas.
  • Attend medical school/graduate school preparation events to write your personal statement for applications