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LBC Research Symposium

New for 2021: The Briggs Showcase

In the Spring of each year, the Lyman Briggs community joins together to celebrate our accomplishments in undergraduate research. Traditionally, this has involved a live, in-person poster competition. This year, the form of this celebration will be a little different: an asynchronous online showcase. 
Are you currently engaged in research, or have you completed research for a class, independently, or for a lab? Submit your work or work-in-progress. The showcase website will feature abstracts, posters, and short videos. 
Thanks to generous funding from MSU Federal Credit Union we will be able to give awards for the best presentations in each category as well as overall top prizes. Judging will take place during the last two weeks of classes, and awards will be announced during the final week of class. 
Questions? Contact LBC’s Director of Experiential Learning, Dr. Isaac Record, at  irecord@msu.edu



Click here to submit via Google form.

Note: You must be signed into Google with your MSU email address. 

Deadline: Tuesday, April 13, 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

The submission form will ask you to select appropriate categories for your research presentation, your individual details, a brief abstract of your research, and to upload a photo of each member of the research team, your poster, and a video link. 

Consult UURAF guidelines for posters and oral presentations.

Refer to these instructions for recording your video in Zoom.



Format: oral or poster 
Discipline: mathematics; chemistry; biology; physics; history, philosophy, and sociology of science 
Special: outreach, inclusivity, diversity 
Note: categories that receive an insufficient number of entries will be combined with another category. 



  • Grand Prize and Honorable Mentions
  • Best in each discipline
  • Best in each year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4+)
  • Best poster, video
  • Best work in progress
  • Best retrospective 

Note: Exact details of awards may change depending on number of submissions. 


We recruit alumni and faculty to judge each presentation. We aim to have at least two judges evaluate each submission, and we ask each judge to evaluate several entries. 

Judges will be emailed a judging packet. Each packet contains a list of students to evaluate and directions. Judging begins Wednesday, April 14. Each judge must complete their evaluations and ranking by 11:59AM (noon) Eastern Daylight Time on Monday, April 19th, so the staff can prepare the information for the award announcements. There can only be one first-place winner within each section.  


Evaluation Criteria 

Oral and poster presentations will be evaluated using the criteria listed below. 

  • General presentation style Was the presentation clear?  Were appropriate visual aids used?  Was it easy for you to understand?  Was the importance indicated? 
  • Science/Research/Methodology Was the science/research behind the topic clearly presented/explained?  Was it accurate?  Was it clearly explained?   
  • Data/Evidence Were the conclusions crafted and supported with data?  Did the data seem appropriate given the focus of the research/topic?  

Note: Judges are also asked to select the top 1-2 entries among those they rate. 


Grand Prize Winner:

Lauren Jernstadt: "Strategies for Targeting Pancreatic Cancer"

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Malcolm Davis: "A Voice to Be Heard: Understanding the Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ People in STEM"
  • Brooke Devries: "Comparison and Validation of Two Gonadatropin-Releasing Hormone-Promoter Driven Cre Expressing Mice"
  • Andrew Becker and Parker Cuthbert: "Stimulation to Attentional Brain Networks Selectively Modifies Visual Task Performance 


Grand Prize Winners: 

Kelly Geith, Nick Zonca, Wanda Sankey, Krista Dunger: "Investigating the Use of Next Generation Sequencing of Mitochondrial Genomes for Species Diagnostics for R. pomonella and R. zephyria." 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Riley Eubanks, Natalie Bobowski, Matt Horvath, Caleb Wendt: "How many photons does it take for an Indiana Brown Bat to survive hibernation?"
  • Hayden Stoub, Kathleen Gallo: "Deciphering the role of MLK3: An in vivo model of metastatic breast cancer"


Grand Prize Winner: 

Emily Juzwiak: "Isolating Mycobacterium smegmatis mutants resistant to a novel Tuberculosis antimicrobial"

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Sarah Walsh: "Expression analysis of candidate risk genes for type 2 diabetes in liver tissue of a mouse backcross population" 
  • Hayden Stoub, Samantha Leacher: "Double blinded study on the effects of elevated blood glucose on the physiological stress response"
  • Jalpa Patel, Madison Kraus, Shais Raza: "Understanding Students' Perception of Biologists"


Grand Prize Winner:

Olivia Goethe, presentation: “Chemical Route Optimization of Indole Compound”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Abigail Miller: "Variation of Acylsugar Acyltransferase Function in the Synthesis of an Insect Defense Compound: Acylsugars"
  • Daniel Schoenherr: "Altered intestinal mucus production in estrogen deficiency is associated with bone loss"
  • Kelly Jones and Nicole Macker: "Differentiating Between Stuttering and Normal Disfluency in Children"  


Grand Prize Winners:

  • Clare Laut: "Antibiotic and Immune System Persistence in Group B Streptococcus"
  • Olivia Goethe: Repurposing an Aminomutase from Taxus Plants

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Dylan Miller: To Sting Or Not To Sting? Analysis Of Cross-Species And Cross-Sex Stinging Defensive Behavior In Scorpions
  • Tyler Miksanek: Developing a Quantitative Western Blot Procedure for Chromatin-Associated Proteins 
  • Lana Grasser: The Neuroscience of Reading: an fMRI Study of Natural Reading
  • Elena Michel: Functional characterization of a lipid translocator in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Abigail Miller: Comparing Acylsucrose Acyltransferase-2 (ASAT2) Activity in Wild Tomato Species


Grand Prize Winners:

  • Kelly VanDenBerg, Cheryl Rockwell: "Inhibition of Early T Cell Cytokine Production by Arsenic Occurs Independently of Nrf2" 
  • Katy Kesler, Caleigh Griffin, Greg Ribble, Ahmad Tahawi: "Analysis of Canine Cells to Reveal R1456W and R812W Missense Mutations on CFTR"

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Jessica Mizzi: "Structural Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of Copper 
  • Clare Laut: "Acidic Exposure and Enhanced Colonization in Group B Streptococcus"
  • Megan Kechner, Sophia Kaska, Michelle Mazei-Robison: "Investigating the Effect of Chronic Social Stress on Morphine Reward and the Role of the Ventral Tegmental Area"
  • Char Panek: "Microbial Communities in the Phyllosphere and their Interaction with the Innate Immune System of Arabidopsis Thaliana"