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LBC 2032 Strategic Plan

DNA graphic

The DNA of Lyman Briggs College: Transforming what it means to be a scientist

The graphic representation above shows strategic growth areas and the guiding principles of the strategic plan. It is through these areas that we will transform what it means to be a scientist.

Read the full 2032 Strategic Plan (pdf) and consider the highlights below



Lyman Briggs College is a residential, undergraduate, science-focused learning community dedicated to innovative and inclusive teaching, research, and engagement with the sciences in their diverse, human, social, and global contexts.


Lyman Briggs College will transform what it means to be a scientist. Through teaching and research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a culture of support, inclusion, and mutual respect, Lyman Briggs will build a world in which:

  • Everyone can see themselves as active participants in the exploration of scientific knowledge.
  • Greater inclusion and broader participation strengthen the knowledge gained from scientific research and practice.
  • Scientists are compassionate, critical thinkers deeply engaged with the human, social, and global dimensions of their work.


Strategic Growth Areas and Goals

Advancing Inclusive, Interdisciplinary, and Experiential Teaching, Advising & Learning

  • LBC provides exceptional, inclusive teaching and learning experiences
  • LBC supports the academic success of every student
  • LBC offers every student the opportunity to engage in high-impact learning experiences and explore diverse career pathways

Growing Disciplinary, Interdisciplinary, and Collaborative Research & Scholarship

  • LBC is a home for interdisciplinary and collaborative research and scholarship that creates new knowledge and informs decision-making
  • LBC facilitates undergraduate research for all students

Strengthening Community & Building Capacity

  • LBC recruits and supports a community of students, staff, advisors, and faculty with diverse identities, experiences, and expertise
  • LBC is the place to study and teach sciences in their
  • social, human, and global contexts
  • LBC community members are invested in advancing LBC’s mission
  • LBC has the physical and monetary resources needed to advance this plan


Guiding Principles

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

LBC is committed to building ethical and inclusive
structures, policies, and practices that consistently and effectively combat individual, interpersonal, systemic, and cultural oppression, and to creating a culture of inclusivity that fosters belonging.

A Home for Interdisciplinarity

LBC invites and supports interdisciplinary teaching, research, and engagement by developing new ways to meaningfully think, learn, and collaborate across many disciplines.

Focus on the Whole Person

LBC is dedicated to creating an environment in which each individual is supported to explore their curiosity, realize their potential, pursue their professional goals, and enjoy a balanced life.


Brief History

The LBC 2032 Strategic Plan has been in development in phases since 2019.

We thank all of the Briggsies who participated and contributed to this plan.