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INstilling QUantitative & Integrative REasoning

A program for first-year students at Lyman Briggs College

Students and faculty with the INQUIRE program at the Field Museum for an off-campus learning trip 


The INQUIRE program is designed for incoming Lyman Briggs students who have placed into Math 103 (MTH 103). INQUIRE offers students an opportunity to take science courses in an encouraging and supportive cohort of peers. Students enjoy smaller class sizes, improve study and test-taking skills, and strengthen fundamentals in math, writing, and chemistry.

Benefits of Participation

By participating in INQUIRE you will:

  • Strengthen your fundamentals in chemistry before starting whole-semester chemistry courses in the spring
  • Build math skills you’ll need in STEM courses throughout college
  • Develop an understanding of the connections between science and society while refining your writing skills
  • Improve your study and test-taking skills
  • Form connections with professors in smaller classes
  • Enjoy being part of a community of students taking the same courses and working toward similar goals
  • Attend off-campus learning trips
  • Receive support to excel in your first year of college


Can I participate in INQUIRE if I’m part of other programs like DOW STEM Scholars or the summertime Engineering and Science Success Academy (ESSA)?

Yes. We encourage you to make the most of all of the MSU resources available to you.

Does this program cost extra?

No, this program enrolls you in LB 155, which is a fall semester course covered by your regular cost of tuition.

When do I enroll in INQUIRE?

At New Student Orientation prior to the fall semester, an academic advisor will assist you in registering for all your courses, including LB 155.

If I am part of INQUIRE, will I still be able to graduate on time?

By improving your math skills, taking LB 155 in the fall and Chemistry I in the spring, you will be able to keep on track and graduate within the normal timeframe.


The INQUIRE program allowed me to develop my own study skills, ones that are personalized for me, and these habits are what help me excel in other courses, even non-science-related courses. From a social standpoint, I have made incredible friendships with other INQUIRE students and I have built strong relationships with the faculty.

I highly recommend this program.

-2018 INQUIRE participant