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College Committees

Students at Lyman Briggs are encouraged to have a say in matters of curriculum, college decisions, activities, and governance.

Join an LBC committee to be involved. Please email loweca@msu.edu if you are interested in taking part in any of the following committees, or if you have any questions.

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The Lyman Briggs Student Advisory Council is the official student governing body of Lyman Briggs College. Offers substantive advice and recommendations to the Dean on matters of importance to students. Helps to shape the college's actions and decisions. Serves as an advocate of student interests to faculty and administrators of the college. Coordinates and offers a variety of leadership opportunities, volunteering opportunities, mentoring and workshops.


Student representatives


Briggs Advisory Council (BAC)

The Briggs Advisory Council discusses matters of the college and advises the dean on a variety of items. Student insight is valued.

Membership consists of three faculty members, one advisor, one staff person, and two student representatives.


2 student representatives



Lyman Briggs Committee for Inclusivity (LBC Inc.)

LBC Inc. shall work under existing university guidelines and in concordance with the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives to promote and foster an inclusive environment and equal opportunities for all LBC students, faculty, and staff. This will be achieved through education, research, and service. 

Membership consists of 3 faculty members, one advisor, one staff member, and two students.

LBC-Inc Student Group is a registered student organization.

Currently has several student representatives



Briggs Educational Policy Committee (EPC)

The Briggs Educational Policy Committee is the curriculum committee for the college. The committee reviews and recommends new courses, monitors old ones, and establishes degree requirements for all the majors in the college. Student insight is valuable in determining the sequence of courses, appropriateness of requirements, and desirability of proposed courses or majors.

Membership consists of five faculty members, one advisor, and three students. Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning serves ex officio.


3 student representatives



Lyman Briggs Speaker Series Committee (LBC SSC)

The Lyman Briggs Speaker Series Committee will support the intellectual and professional development of the Lyman Briggs community by providing an additional forum for engagement and discourse.

The LBC Speaker Series will strive to provide a variety of opportunities for the LBC community to come together, sparking dialogue among its members to facilitate transformative experiences for members of the LBC community and beyond.

Membership consists of three faculty members and one student. The Director of Alumni Relations serves ex-officio.


1 student representative


University-Level Committees

LBC students may also serve as representatives on university committees:

  • University Academic Integrity Hearing Board
  • University Appeals Board
  • University Academic Grievance Hearing Board

For more information about those committees, please visit the SpartanLife Student Handbook


College of Natural Science Student Advisory Council

We have one student representative serve on the Student Advisory Council of the College of Natural Science, where many Briggsies have coordinate majors.