Scholarship Details

The following is a list of scholarships available for Lyman Briggs College students, if eligible. All LBC students will receive an email when it is time to apply, each semester. The email will include a link to the application. Please note that not all scholarships are available every semester.

If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact our office by emailing

Paul E. Boswell Scholarship

Established by Jeffrey Boswell, M.D. in honor of his father, Paul Edward Boswell, who attended MSU through the National Science Foundation sponsored Academic Year Institute, earning a master's degree from the College of Natural Science in 1965. He brought his family to East Lansing where they lived in Spartan Village. The family later moved to Texas. Were it not for his father’s decision to attend MSU, Jeffrey Boswell would not have considered leaving Texas for College, or discovered Lyman Briggs College.

Eligibility: Entering Freshmen, out-of-state students with a preference for recipients from Texas, previous Recipients may reapply one time for possible renewal, recipients must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Carol E. Bristow Memorial Fund

Edgar C. Bristow, M.D., is providing this scholarship as a memorial to his daughter, Carol E. Bristow, who was an outstanding student during her time at Lyman Briggs. She subsequently had a career with the Washington D.C. Office of DPRA, a company providing various services to Federal agencies, including EPA, and FDA. In addition to her professional work, she was interested in travel and photography. It is his hope that this fund will provide needed assistance to Lyman Briggs students throughout the future. Applicants must be at least Junior standing at the time of the award (the upcoming fall semester); must have a minimum GPA of a 3.0; must demonstrate financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office. Award is renewable for one year, i.e., non-graduating winners may reapply for a 2nd year.

Clark Fund for Science in the Public Interest

Eligibility: Applicants must hold at least sophomore status, 2.5 or higher GPA is required, demonstrate a dedication to improving public understanding of science will be given preference. 

Dr. Frederic B. Dutton Scholarship

On October 20, 1966, the MSU Board of Trustees created the Planning Committee for Lyman Briggs College, appointing Dr. Frederic B. Dutton - then Director of the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center - as its chair. Dr. Dutton led the committee in creating a common agreement on a residential college for students seeking a liberal education in the physical and biological sciences, students seeking preprofessional training and students seeking majors currently offered in the College of Natural Science, but in the context of a small liberal arts and science college. Dr. Dutton recruited many of the pioneering faculty who would create the curriculum and college. On July 1, 1967, Lyman Briggs College opened with Dr. Dutton serving as its first Dean. LBC seeks to honor Dr. Dutton with the establishment of this endowment.

The scholarship will be awarded to academically talented students with financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office Preference is given to current LBC freshmen or incoming freshmen. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in LBC when the award is activated. 

Jane Smith Elliott Endowed Scholarship

The Jane Smith Elliott Endowed Scholarship is established in honor of Jane Smith Elliott, Ph.D. by her daughter Martha (Marty) K. Kakuk and Marty’s husband Thomas J. Kakuk, D.V.M., Ph.D., along with Jane’s son Benjamin T. Smith, PhD., and his wife Nancy Frasure-Smith, Ph.D. Tom, Marty, Ben and Nancy desire to support Lyman Briggs College students who were so important to Jane during her time as a faculty member, Director of Advisement and Assistant Dean. Even after her death in 1987, students and colleagues remember her as a scientist, pioneer, innovator and compassionate advisor who provided a difference in the direction of their careers and ultimately their lives. Students must be enrolled in Lyman Briggs College with preference given to sophomores, juniors and seniors majoring in the biological or physical sciences, and those with financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Brian Falzon Book Scholarship

Brian Falzon was a bright, creative and energetic student as well as a generous friend. Brian always had a smile for everyone, hence his nickname "Cloud". Brian loved life at MSU and considered the Lyman Briggs College his second home and the students in Holmes Hall his extended family. Brian's parents and sister have created this book award in Brian's memory so that he may never be forgotten. It provides for the awarding of up to $250.00 worth of course-related book purchases to a Lyman Briggs student each semester. To be considered, students must be in the Lyman Briggs College and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in MSU classes. Financial need will be a factor in the selection of the recipient. Other qualifications being equal, preference will be give to such students living in Holmes Hall.

Howard and Joan Hagerman Endowed Scholarship for LBC Biology

Dr. Howard H. Hagerman was one of the pioneer faculty members in the residential college programs at MSU. As a charter faculty member in Lyman Briggs, he established the biology program in a nurturing setting that provided a unique combination of formal and informal learning opportunities that characterize the Briggs experience. Increasing numbers of students are applying to LBC because they feel that it supports their growth in a cooperative atmosphere and provides a stimulating educational experience. This scholarship was established to honor Dr. Hagerman in a manner befitting his legacy to Briggs.

Applicants must be a sophomore or above, majoring in LBC Biology with a preference for those who intend to teach. Applicants must also have a 3.0 or higher GPA and demonstrate financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office.

Dr. Ronald C. Hamelink Scholarship in Mathematics

Dr. Ronald Hamelink is one of the founding faculty members of Lyman Briggs College. As MSU's first student to graduate with a 4.0 GPA, Dr. Hamelink set an example for success that carried over into his career as an educator. Dr. Hamelink has touched the lives of countless Lyman Briggs students since its inception in 1967. Lyman Briggs College and the College of Natural Science are pleased to honor him with the establishment of this endowment. Many of Dr. Hamelink past students have given their financial support to this Scholarship in his honor. Originally established in 2003, we are pleased to announce the full funding of this Scholarship which will begin awarding for the Fall of 2008.

Criteria: Lyman Briggs College will select Scholarship recipients according to its policies and procedures on the basis of previous academic achievement, professional goals, and/or financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office. Recipients are normally selected during the Spring semester, with awards to be effective the following Fall semester. The number of awards made in a given year and the amount of the awards will be based upon available funds. Open to new or current students in Lyman Briggs College. Selection: Recipients will be selected by the LBC Awards Committee.

The Sean Healey Memorial Award

Sean Healey was a Lyman Briggs College computer science major that died in 1992 after his sophomore year as the result of complications of muscular dystrophy. Sean was a gifted writer and avid reader, someone who was never without a book in his hand. Therefore, through the generosity of his parents, Diana and Patrick Healey, Lyman Briggs College has established the Sean Healey Memorial Award for Honors Writing. This award is to be given each semester to an LBC student whose work reflects the engagement, intelligence and, skills Sean displayed in his own first-year writings. This award is to be based on the following criteria.

Eligibility: current Lyman Briggs College student, should be enrolled in an Honors section of LBC 133 for which the student is to receive the award, good financial and academic standing with the University, nominated and selected by a committee of the LBC faculty. The award is to be given for the best short essay written by a student fulfilling these criteria and will consist of a $500.00 award.

Matson Family Endowed Scholarship for Education Abroad

The Matson Family Endowed Scholarship for Education Abroad is a new award in Lyman Briggs designed to provide 1-2 students per year with significant financial assistance toward studying abroad. 

Criteria: Scholarships will be awarded to student(s) in Lyman Briggs College participating in any MSU Education Abroad program.  Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need planning to participate in long-duration programs (>3 weeks).  Scholarships will be around $4500 each. 

William and Helen Matson grew up during the Great Depression knowing the value of a dollar. They treasured their college experiences and the opportunities their degrees provided for them. Helen and Bill imparted those value to their four children, Merrie, Marcia, Bob and Doug, each of whom graduated from college with their expenses paid entirely by money set aside by their parents. For the Matson family, an education did not stop in the classroom. They traveled frequently and widely as the children were growing up, and that love of travel, the broadening of horizons and exposure to different cultures was a value that the children inherited and cherished. Bob Matson has established this fund on the 50th anniversary of his entering Lyman Briggs College as a member of its first graduating class. He does this in memory of his parents and in honor of his family’s education to higher education and worldly experiences.

Pamela Ann Merry Endowed Scholarship

Pamela Ann Merry was a member of the first class (1967) of Lyman Briggs College. After she graduated she worked at Argonne National Laboratory and achieved the "scientist" title. Pam died in 1987 due to complications associated with leukemia. Ms. Patricia L. Merry and Donald G. Borseth have created an endowed scholarship for "worthy and capable students enrolled at Lyman Briggs College who will be offered greater opportunities to study and explore the sciences." The scholarship normally shall be awarded yearly to one or more applicants. Selection of recipient(s) normally will be made during the second semester with the award to be effective the following fall. The amount of the award shall be determined by the Lyman Briggs College considering the amount of distributable income available. The award normally is credited during the tuition payment process.

Criteria: Applicants must be enrolled full time in Lyman Briggs College, have a minimum 3.0 GPA and have financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office. Selection Process: Recipients will be selected by the LBC Awards Committee.

Paul and Gertrude Parker Endowed Scholarship

Paul and Gertrude Parker met as children in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Parker came to America in 1947, and married Gertrude in 1958. Gertrude completed 3 years of medical studies in Vienna. Once in America, she chose to support Paul, their daughter, Claudia, and care for the household. Gertrude died in 2006 and is remembered by her husband affectionately for their lifetime of friendship, support and love.

Dr. Parker began his career with MSU in 1958 in the Department of Physics. In 1967, he was recruited by Dean Frederic Dutton to join the faculty of Lyman Briggs College, then a new residential college at MSU. Dr. Parker designed the original physics curriculum that was started one year after the foundation of the College. In 1972, Dr. Parker was honored with the Distinguished Faculty Award. During his 13-year assignment to Lyman Briggs College, Dr. Parker maintained a joint appointment with the Department of Physics. He retired in 1993.

Dr. Parker recalls his career with great fondness. He enjoyed teaching, contact with faculty from other disciplines and the interactions he had with students beyond the classroom. Dr. Parker established this Scholarship to encourage and reward LBC students with preference for those who have been academically successful in the required undergraduate physics courses.

This scholarship is available to students enrolled in Lyman Briggs with a preference given to those students who have excelled in the Lyman Briggs physics courses. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of scholastic standing and financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office. 

Steven T. and Esther M. Spees Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Spees grew up in Indiana. Esther graduated from Ball State University, taught a wide variety of business courses, and finished her career teaching at Lansing Community College. Steven graduated from Purdue University and the University of Southern California. Before coming to MSU and LBC in 1967, he taught at the Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota. He and physicist, Paul Parker, developed a combined chemistry-physics course for LBC. Steven has been very active in academic governance at the unit, college and university level.

Eligibility: Applicants must be a current Lyman Briggs student; Financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office; have a minimum 2.5 G.P.A. 

Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship is established by the Lyman Briggs Alumni Association because of its desire to support Lyman Briggs College students who have demonstrated a commitment to helping others as evidenced by research, extracurricular, volunteer and/or service activities.

Eligibility: Open to Sophomores, Juniors & non-graduating seniors enrolled in Lyman Briggs College at the time of the award. Should have demonstrated accomplishments in the following areas: Research Activities; Extra-curricular Activities; Volunteer and/or Service Activities; Financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office. 

Fall Semester Award

The fall semester award (Open to incoming freshmen students from West Bloomfield High School-candidates will be identified by West Bloomfield High School counselors/teachers).  During selection, priority will be given to the following respectively: Must be a student from West Bloomfield High School, incoming student to Lyman Briggs College, cumulative GPA (must be at least a 3.4), financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office, and those living in Holmes Hall.

The Spring Semester Award

During selection, priority will be given to the following respectively: Financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office, cumulative GPA (must be at least a 3.0), involvement in the Briggs and MSU community, those living in Holmes Hall. Preference will be given to juniors and seniors.  Note: Recipients will be selected by the LBC Awards Committee. 

STEM Endowed Scholarship

Established to support future scientists and mathematicians who will be pursing non-medical or health care careers. It is the hopes of the donors that this funding will allow students to reduce their non-academically related work for pay and instead use the time to engage in efforts that support their learning and exploration of careers in science.

Eligibility: Lyman Briggs College primary degree students going into their 3rd year (typically Junior status), GPA (minimum of 2.5); financial need as determined by the MSU Financial Aid Office is required; career goals; anticipated impact of the scholarship. Renewable: Students are eligible to renew this scholarship in their 4th year (typically Senior status) but will be required to reapply and maintain eligibility criteria.

Study Abroad Scholarship

Lyman Briggs students have a wide variety of options for studying abroad. The Office of Study Abroad has more than 200 programs in 60 countries on all seven continents in almost every subject. Each year dozens of Lyman Briggs students study abroad to fulfill course requirements in the sciences, HPS (history, philosophy and sociology of science), or general education.

Lyman Briggs gives out several thousands of dollars in study abroad scholarships every year to Lyman Briggs students participating in semester long programs, and for winter and spring break opportunities.