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Student Emergency Fund

About the Fund

Every glance at the news brings another announcement of a disruption to ordinary lives - the cancellation of events and programs, the closing of educational institutions, schools, and care facilities, the disruption of supplies, and restrictions on travel. We empathize knowing that we are each affected in personal and individual ways by the pandemic. 
We understand that for some Lyman Briggs College students, financial challenges add to the uncertainty and disruption. In light of the urgent needs in our community, we have established the LBC Student Emergency Fund. 

Details and Application Form

Up to $500 is available per LBC student for financial support due to a serious, unexpected, and potentially harmful situation requiring immediate action. Examples of such emergency situations include but are not limited to: accidents, illness, death of a family member, fire, natural disaster, need for temporary housing, loss of wages due to isolation or sick care.
LBC students in any major and at any stage in their MSU program may apply. Please submit your application for support using the Student Emergency Fund Application Form.
Responses will be given within one week. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. Note that funds are deposited to the students MSU account; the student can then go to the Cashier's Office in the Hannah Administration Building to withdraw the money. Note that if there's a balance on the student's account, these emergency funds are automatically applied to that balance.