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Frequently Asked Questions: Coronavirus

Everyone at Briggs is here to support our students, especially in this season of uncertainty and disruption.

Frequently Asked Questions


Advising and Counseling

  • Will academic advisors be available during this time?

    Yes, Zoom and phone appointments will be available for students who need the assistance of an academic advisor.

    Book an appointment via the Student Success Dashboard.

    1. Log in
    2. Click “Schedule Appointment”. 
    3. Select “Advising” from the first drop-down menu.
    4. “Lyman Briggs Advising” from the second drop-down menu.
    5. Select “Lyman Briggs Advising” as the service for your appointment.
    6. Click next.
    7. Select “Lyman Briggs Zoom Advising” OR “Lyman Briggs Phone Advising”. Details for Zoom appointments will be provided in the notes upon your registration. For a phone appointment, you must provide the best number to reach you. The advisors will call you twice. Please be aware that the number calling you will most likely be blocked, one you do not know, or a google voice number.  

    Cancellations: If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance. This will allow another student to take your appointment time.  

  • How can students get help scheduling courses for next year?

    Peer Advising Assistants offer scheduling sessions for LBC students

    If you didn't sign up, no problem. Once you have made an academic plan with an academic advisor for next year, you can schedule a Zoom session with a Peer Advising Assistant.

    To meet with one of the Lyman Briggs Peer Advising Assistants:   

    1.  Click “Schedule Appointment”. 
    2.  Select “Advising” from the first drop-down menu. 
    3. Select “Lyman Briggs Advising” from the second drop-down menu. 
    4. Select “Peer Academic Advising” as the service for your appointment. 
    5. Click next. 
    6. Select “Lyman Briggs Zoom Advising”. The zoom meeting details will be provided in the notes upon your registration.
  • Can students still receive career advising during this time?
    Yes. They can make Zoom or phone appointments with LBC Career Consultant, Krysta Coleman via Handshake. Details can be found on the Careers page of our website.
  • Will students be able to access career-related programs, fairs, and interviews?
    Yes. Career programs, career fairs, and ‘on-campus interviews’ will be conducted virtually either by phone or via Zoom. Visit the Career Services Network website for more information.
  • Are counseling services available?
    Yes, although the format of appointments has changed due to the CDC's recommendation of social distancing. Please visit the MSU Counseling & Psychiatric Services website for the latest information.

Events and Programming

Visits and Tours


  • Are Holmes Hall classrooms, labs, and offices open?

    No. College employees are now working remotely, therefore offices are closed. Classrooms and labs have been sanitized and secured. 

    The County Health Department has issued an order that impacts access to Holmes. Any LBC employee now wishing to enter Holmes, for any reason or any length of time, must have prior authorization through a health screening.

  • Have all students left campus?
    No, not all students have left campus. A number of students have chosen to stay or could not return home. We are trying to support students who remain so they do not feel so isolated.
  • Are campus dining halls open?

    A limited number of dining halls are open, through May 1. They are offering grab-and-go options.

    As of April 20, Holmes Dining Hall will be open daily from 8 a.m.–2 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.

    Read the latest information on the Eat At State website.

If you have an LBC-related question that was not answered above, please email lbc@msu.edu.