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2022 Spring Commencement

May 7, 2022

Lyman Briggs College Spring 2022 Commencement

Location: MSU Auditorium, 542 Auditorium Rd., East Lansing, Michigan, 48824

Date and Time: Saturday, May 7, 2022, 10:00 a.m., Eastern Time

Ceremony livestream on May 7, at 10:00 a.m., Eastern on the MSU Commencement website
Scroll down for the MSU Auditorium feed.

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University Commencement Program

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Table of Contents

Order of Ceremonies | Award Winners | Briggsies Supporting Briggsies

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Order of Ceremonies


Pomp and Circumstance, MSU Jazz Orchestra II, Conducted by Diego Rivera


Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Dean, Lyman Briggs College

America The Beautiful

Composed by Samuel A. Ward and arranged by Mike Tomaro
MSU Jazz Orchestra II, Conducted by Diego Rivera. Vocalist: Caitlyn Sundquist

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Moment of Silence  

Senior Class Address

De'Anna Tarleton, Animal Science

De’Anna Tarleton is graduating today with a major in Animal Science and a minor in African American and African Studies, and she is currently working at NeuroTheranostics with the Henry Ford Health System. She is the proud mom to baby Charlie, and although her family members Charless Young and Bruce Tarleton are no longer with us, we recognize their support in helping De’Anna be here today.

Commencement Address

Dan Chu, Acting Executive Director, Sierra Club. Executive Director, Sierra Club Foundation

Dan Chu (Lyman Briggs, Class of 1984) is the Acting Executive Director for the Sierra Club, the nation's largest grassroots environmental organization in America. He has been an environmental leader for over 30 years, and has a Master of Science from University of Colorado. Since 2016, Dan has been the Executive Director of the Sierra Club Foundation, the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor of the Sierra Club. In that role, he oversees the Foundation’s work to provide resources to the Sierra Club and other nonprofit organizations to support scientific, educational, literary, organizing, advocacy, and legal programs. In 2021, Dan also became the Acting Executive Director of the Sierra Club. Dan serves on the board of Confluence Philanthropy, a community of foundations, donors, and investors who are committed to maximizing their social and environmental impact.

Recognition of Achievements and Awards

Niki Rudolph, Assistant Dean for Student Success & Advising, Lyman Briggs College

Ryan Sweeder, Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs, Lyman Briggs College

  • To graduate with honors, students have earned a cumulative 3.82-3.94 grade point average
  • To graduate with high honors, students have earned a cumulative 3.95-4.00 grade point average

Conferring of Degrees

Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Dean, Lyman Briggs College

Readers: Mark Bashore, Jamie Paisley

Alma Mater

MSU Shadows, The MSU Jazz Orchestra II and Audience

M.S.U., We love thy shadows,
when twilight silence falls,
Flushing deep and softly paling,
o’er ivy-covered halls.
Beneath the pines we’ll gather,
to give our faith so true,
Sing our love for Alma Mater,
and thy praises, M.S.U.
When from these scenes we wander,
and twilight shadows fade,
Our mem’ry still will linger,
where light and shadows played;
In the evening oft we’ll gather,
and pledge our faith anew,
Sing our love for Alma Mater,
and thy praises, MSU.

MSU Fight Song

The MSU Jazz Orchestra II

On the banks of the Red Cedar,
is a school that’s known to all;
Its specialty is winning,
and those Spartans play good ball;
Spartan teams are never beaten,
all through the game they fght;
Fight for the only colors,
Green and White.
Go right thru’ for MSU,
watch the points keep growing.
Spartan teams are bound to win,
they’re fghting with a vim.
See their team is weakening,
we’re going to win this game.
Fight! Fight! Rah! Team, Fight!
Victory for MSU.


The MSU Jazz Orchestra II
Diego Rivera, Conductor

*Denotes member of the Honors College

Award Winners

MSU Board of Trustees Award Winners

For students maintaining a 4.0 grade point average throughout their undergraduate careers. 181 total awards were given in Spring 2022, and Lyman Briggs had 30 of them. 6,917 undergraduate students are graduating from MSU this Spring. LBC represents 5% of graduates, but 17% of Board of Trustees Award winners.

30 of the MSU Board of Trustees Award Winners were Briggsies

  • Madeleine Batra*
  • Shravya Chanamolu*
  • Katelyn Cheeseman*
  • Amber Commet*
  • Joseph Corner*
  • Madeline Dawson*
  • Megan Deming
  • Manasi Desai
  • Jorge Flores Garcia*
  • Stephen Fush*
  • Goutam Gutta*
  • Eliot Haddad*
  • Renee Harbowy*
  • Brandon Hartman*
  • Brianna Hicks*
  • Vijayashree Jambunathan*
  • Gretel Keller*
  • Alicia Kusaka*
  • Hongbo Lu*
  • Anusha Mamidipaka*
  • Karli Monahan*
  • Peter Nolan*
  • Nathalie Nordan*
  • Samir Rajani*
  • Sophia Ripley*
  • Alexa Roy*
  • Heather Sayles*
  • Em Segraves*
  • Dana Simon*
  • Aidan Tiernan

Academic Excellence Award  

Nominees must demonstrate an exemplary level of academic achievement in the completion of a rigorous course of study, as well as intellectual involvement within their chosen major field of concentration, and a concern for the human aspect of their field of study.

  • Em Segraves*

F.B. Dutton Award 

Nominees must exemplify the ideals of connecting the sciences and arts and humanities, and contribute significantly to improving the quality of science education by showing active leadership and participation with the LBC community while maintaining a high level of academic achievement.

  • Frederick (Fred) Ezenyilimba

Lyman Briggs Outstanding Student Award  

Nominees must display exemplary leadership and dedication to student and alumni activities while earning a high level of academic achievement.

  • Eliot Haddad*

Lyman Briggs College Banner Carrier

  • Emily Mabry*

President's Award

Awarded to only a few students for the highest level of academic achievement among graduating Spartan student-athletes. Presented by the Spartan Athlete Support Services Department.

  • Sarah Flowney, member of the MSU Rowing Team

*Denotes member of the Honors College

Briggsies Supporting Briggsies

Briggs Ambassadors

Briggs Ambassadors are a crucial part of LBC’s recruitment efforts. They meet individually, serve on panels, and give tours to future students, serving as representatives for the college and sharing their personal expereiences.

  • Emily Mabry*
  • Karli Monahan*
  • Neila Thomas*

Peer Support Leaders

Peer Support Leaders support incoming student enrollment during New Student Orientation over the summer and annual enrollment during the spring semester. They conduct individual and group advising, as well as workshops and social media campaigns. 

  • Alaina Rubenacker-O'Dell*
  • Shravya Chanamolu*

Peer Mentors  

Peer mentors are matched with new LBC students to receive mentoring during their first semester in Briggs. They help their mentees navigate their first semester of college by hosting group events and one-on-one check-ins, and by facilitating group chats.

  • Apoorva Akalankam
  • Kadie Bernstein*
  • Wiley Fraser
  • Kathryn Hurt
  • Mia Kochanek
  • Emily Mabry*
  • Karli Monahan*
  • Nathalie Nordan*
  • Meghana Odapally*
  • Jay Panunganti
  • Zack Wojcik*

Undergraduate Learning Assistants

Learning assistants enrich the student learning experience. They are part of teaching teams across the college, teaching their near-peers important concepts and skills and providing class, lab, and recitation learning support. Approximately 100 Briggsies serve in these important roles in fall and spring semesters.

Briggs Student Advisory Council Members

  • Nicole Epshteyn, President
  • Sarah Albani, Vice-President
  • Sim Singh*
  • Kostas Mantzios
  • Sara Hak

Associated Students of Michigan State University

  • Senior Class Council: Muhammad Khan

*Denotes member of the Honors College

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Lyman Briggs College Graduates, Spring and Summer Class of 2022

Alphabetized by last name 


  • Sergio Acuna*, Zoology, Integrative Biology, High Honors
  • Apoorva Akalankam, Physiology
  • Yazan Al-Sanouri, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Sarah Albani, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Salma Alduais, Human Biology
  • Mitchell Alekman, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Honors
  • Erika Amicucci, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Psychology BA, Honors
  • Sophie Anderson, Biology, Environmental Sciences & Management
  • Angie Angelucci, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Ashley Atkinson*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Nutritional Sciences, Honors
  • Raina Awdish*, Neuroscience, Psychology BA
  • Caitlyn Babi*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Owen Babington*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Mackenzie Bachert, Human Biology
  • Sarah Bajema*, Zoology, Honors
  • Julia Baker, Animal Science, Honors
  • Justin Baker* Neuroscience, Honors
  • Josh Barbachyn, Chemistry, High Honors
  • Natalie Barstys*, Human Biology, Epidemiology MS, High Honors
  • Madeleine Batra*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Greg Battley, Chemistry
  • Colin Benedict*, Neuroscience
  • Matthew Berg, Neuroscience
  • Kadie Bernstein, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Human Biology, Honors
  • Maria Berry*, Microbiology, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics MS, Honors
  • Minali Bhatt*, Environmental Biology/Plant Biology, Entomology
  • Humza Bhatti*, Human Biology
  • Courtney Bigelow, Animal Science
  • Elisa Bills, Human Biology, Honors
  • Hailey Bond, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Jordan Bonk, Human Biology, Honors
  • Allie Bonzelet, Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Cynthia Bueche*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Joe Burke*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, High Honors
  • Paris Burke, Neuroscience
  • Olivia Burton*, Human Biology
  • Marissa Cabrera, Human Biology
  • Isabella Calus, Human Biology
  • Mikayla Calverley*, Biology, Anthropology, Honors
  • Sam Carter, Human Biology
  • Ashley Caughell, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Ally Cavataio, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Timothy Chalom, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Shravya Chanamolu*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Austin Chase, Microbiology
  • Travis Chase, Human Biology
  • Katelyn Cheeseman*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Sandy Chen, Neuroscience
  • Soumya Chennupati*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Alyssa Cloud*, Human Biology
  • Delaney Collazo* Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Honors
  • Taylor Collier, Animal Science
  • Amber Commet* Environmental Biology/Plant Biology, High Honors
  • Annalise Cornell* Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  • Joe Corner, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Marissa Cortright*, Neuroscience, Criminal Justice, Honors

*Denotes member of the Honors College


  • Madeline Dawson*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, High Honors
  • Megan Deming, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Manasi Desai*, Human Biology, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Suraj Desai, Human Biology,
  • Rachel Dietz*, Physiology
  • Francesca Dintrono, History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science
  • Olivia Dionisio, Human Biology
  • Ashok Dodaballapur, Computer Science
  • Mckenna Dooley, Human Biology
  • Amita Dutt, Human Biology
  • Kevin Ely, Biological Science
  • Nicole Epshteyn, Human Biology, Honors
  • Frederick Ezenyilimba, Physiology, High Honors
  • Abbey Fallon, Physics, Honors
  • Austin Fedewa, Physiology, Honors
  • Morgan Fellows, Neuroscience, Psychology
  • Jorge Flores Garcia*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Sarah Flowney, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Larissa Ford, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, High Honors
  • Wiley Fraser, Neuroscience
  • Trevor Fush*, Astrophysics, High Honors
  • Mitchell Gabalski, Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  • Rohan Gade, Physiology
  • Madi Gallavin, Zoology
  • Esha Garg*, Nutritional Sciences, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Daruk Garlapati*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Gabbi Gaskin, Neuroscience
  • Kate Gavagan*, Biology, Spanish BA, Honors
  • Jeron George*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Natalie George, Physiology, Honors
  • Teresa Girard*, Neuroscience, Psychology BA, Honors
  • Deenarah Giraud, Biology, Plant Biology
  • Nathan Glaza, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Human Biology
  • Natalie Goff, Neuroscience, Human Biology
  • Izik Goldman, Human Biology, Honors
  • Mara Gordon, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Alex Gordon*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Mackenzie Greene*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, High Honors
  • Amanda Greening, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Nash Gregory, Human Biology
  • Josie Griffith, Fisheries and Wildlife
  • Abbey Guevara*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Goutam Gutta*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Eliot Haddad*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Sara Hak, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Kayla Hall, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Joseph Hanania*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Sushil Hanumolu*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Renee Harbowy*, Animal Science, High Honors
  • Maya Harris, Human Biology
  • Brandon Hartman*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Linnea Hartz, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Human Biology, Honors
  • Kylee Hasbany, Neuroscience, Psychology BA
  • Fateh Hayat, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Xander Hazel-Groux, History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science
  • Amya Heath*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Anna Heath*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Ethan Heilman, Biology
  • Katherine Heise, Human Biology, Honors
  • Joe Henein, Physiology
  • Morgan Herlevi, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Brianna Hicks*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Madi Hiestand, Human Biology
  • Annie Hillenberg*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Human Biology, Honors
  • Annie Hoang-Pham, Human Biology
  • Zac Howell*, Physiology, Psychology BA, High Honors
  • Wynneth Huang, Human Biology, Honors
  • Jordyn Hughes*, Animal Science, Honors
  • Kathryn Hurt, Animal Science

*Denotes member of the Honors College

  • Shruthi Ilango*, Neuroscience, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Meghan Irving, Animal Science
  • Aedan Jager, Physiology, Honors
  • Ria Jain, Physiology
  • Viji Jambunathan*, Nutritional Sciences, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Maxim Jani, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Richa Javkar, Neuroscience
  • Olivia Jeris, Zoology
  • Jason Jia, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Su Joa, Neuroscience
  • Jaylynn Jones, Microbiology
  • Katie Jones, Human Biology
  • Spencer Junod*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Trishul Kalapuram, Neuroscience
  • Aishu Kamarajan, Human Biology, Honors
  • Bhavya Kamepalli, Neuroscience
  • Gretel Keller*, Zoology, High Honors
  • Sergei Kelley, Fisheries and Wildlife, Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy BA
  • Vendela Kerner, Human Biology, Honors
  • Hamza Khan, Neuroscience
  • Muhammad Khan, Nutritional Sciences
  • Sema Khraishi, Human Biology
  • Joree Kidd, Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Gabe Kirschner, Human Biology, Honors
  • Mia Kochanek, Human Biology, Honors
  • Karthik Kolisetty*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Keeli Kornak-Kotarba, Physiology, Honors
  • Makinni Kornak-Kotarba, Human Biology, Honors
  • Hayley Kuhn*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Pranali Kulkarni, Human Biology
  • Alex Kurkechian, Human Biology
  • Alicia Kusaka*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Eden Laclair, Animal Science
  • Salsabil Lamiha, Human Biology
  • Sophie Lamphier, Neuroscience
  • Brooke Lapinski, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Regan Levy, Mathematics, Human Biology
  • Elle Lewandowski, Chemistry
  • Lauren Linenfelser*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Nicole Lipon, Physiology, Honors
  • Jessica Liu* Microbiology, High Honors
  • John Logan, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Philip Longueuil*, Microbiology
  • Samantha Lopiccolo Neuroscience, Human Biology
  • Jack Loring, Physiology, Honors
  • Peter Lu*, Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, High Honors
  • Anna Luxhoj, Neuroscience, Psychology BA
  • Hanna Mabesa, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Emily Mabry*, Human Biology, Anthropology, Honors
  • Iain MacDonald, Neuroscience
  • Antonio Maceri, Human Biology
  • Elliot Majlessi, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Honors
  • Sabrina Malkoun, Zoology, Honors
  • Anusha Mamidipaka*, Neuroscience, Psychology BA, High Honors
  • Mia Mansfield, Animal Science
  • Kostas Mantzios, Human Biology
  • Anna Martin*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Selena Martinez*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Nija Maye, Neuroscience
  • Veronica Mccall, Human Biology
  • Erin Mcdonough*, Zoology, Honors
  • Malena McKinney*, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, High Honors
  • Blake Mearim, Human Biology
  • Anna Mellema* Mathematics, Business Data Science MS
  • Courtney Merritt, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Meri Michael, Physiology, Honors
  • Stephanie Mikula, History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science, Honors
  • Brielle Miller*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Zach Miller*, Neuroscience
  • Taylor Moilanen, Human Biology
  • Karli Monahan*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Dev Mookerjee*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Mohini Mukherjee, Human Biology, Supply Chain Management BA
  • Hannah Mulheron, Food Science
  • Brooklynn Murray, Physiology, High Honors
*Denotes member of the Honors College


  • Julianna Nagy*, Microbiology, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Akila Nallabelli*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Nikila Nallabelli*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Aishwarya Narayan, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Microbiology
  • Srushti Narkhede, Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  • Lauren Navarre, Neuroscience
  • Megan Nicol, Nutritional Sciences
  • Kirtana Nimmakayala, Neuroscience
  • Niveytha Nithiyananthan, Human Biology
  • Peter Nolan*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Nathalie Nordan*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Mahmoud Obeidi, Neuroscience, Human Biology
  • Meghana Odapally*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Christopher Oduntan, Neuroscience, Human Biology
  • Harley Orr, Zoology
  • Abby Ortwine, Human Biology, Honors
  • Nicole Ostrander, Microbiology, Animal Science, Honors
  • Gabrielle Oxie, Physiology
  • Arian Pakray, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Yamini Pandey, Physiology, Honors
  • Jay Panuganti, Human Biology
  • Rachna Parikh, Human Biology
  • Shree Parikh, Human Biology
  • Priyam Patel, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Honors
  • Vijval Patel, Physiology, Honors
  • Anushka Patel, Human Biology
  • Nishi Patel, Neuroscience, Psychology BA
  • Montana Paton, Neuroscience
  • Ciara Pavlinac, Zoology, Honors
  • Madi Pellman, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Honors
  • Elizabeth Perakes, Environmental Sciences & Management, Honors
  • Ashlee Perry, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Women’s and Gender Studies, Honors
  • Pooja Peter*, Human Biology
  • McKenna Pilley, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Sean Pitcher, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Microbiology
  • Heather Pitlanish*, Nutritional Sciences, Communication BA, Honors
  • Shenika Plantegenest, Physiology
  • Armani Poindexter, History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science
  • Carolina Poliss, Human Biology, Honors
  • Kathryn Popoff, Chemistry, Honors
  • Sarah Qureshi, Human Biology, Honors
  • Areebah Qureshi, Human Biology
  • Iris Qyteti, Neuroscience, Human Biology
  • Grant Racer, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Honors
  • Samir Rajani*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Jessica Ranshaw*, Astrophysics, Honors
  • Sam Raphtis, Human Biology
  • Jana Ratzloff*, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry
  • Ali Rida, Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Honors
  • Sophia Ripley*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Ava Rivard*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Fletcher Robbins*, Environmental Biology/Plant Biology
  • Harrison Roberts, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Abby Rochlen, Human Biology, Honors
  • Kathryne Rojeck, Human Biology, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Gabriela Rowe, Nutritional Sciences, Honors
  • Alex Roy*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics MS, High Honors
  • Alaina Rubenacker-O’Dell*, Neuroscience, Spanish BA
  • Roman Ruddy, Human Biology
  • Daniel Ruvio*, Human Biology, Honors

*Denotes member of the Honors College


  • Bella Said, Data Science, Honors
  • Adrianna Salah*, Human Biology
  • Keegan Salmon, Environmental Sciences & Management
  • Fiorella Sanabria Bascha, Neuroscience
  • Heather Sayles*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Alex Schafer, Neuroscience
  • Erica Schafer, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Human Biology
  • Cora Schau*, Animal Science
  • Em Segraves*, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, High Honors
  • Rishabh Setty, Mathematics
  • Niyanka Shah, Human Biology, Honors
  • Madeline Shank*, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Aliyeh Shawat, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Human Biology
  • Ameer Shouekani, Human Biology, Honors
  • Greg Sigler, Physiology
  • Rachel Simoes*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Dana Simon*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Sim Singh*, Neuroscience, High Honors
  • Simerpreet Singh, Biology, Psychology BA, Honors
  • Shruti Sivakumar, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Natalie Siwula, Physiology, Honors
  • Nicole Skinner*, Nutritional Sciences, High Honors
  • Maya Skolnik, Nutritional Sciences
  • Jack Skyta, Physiology
  • Dawson Sloan, Chemistry, Neuroscience
  • Phoebe Smith, Mathematics
  • Alanah Soriano, Physiology
  • Olivia Sowa*, Biological Science, Honors
  • Kya Sparks, Microbiology
  • Ella Spicketts, Neuroscience, Psychology BA
  • Adam Sternschuss*, Human Biology
  • Mary Steusloff, Microbiology, High Honors
  • Gretchen Stuben, Physiology
  • Carolyn Stults, Genomics & Molecular Genetics
  • Megan Supernaw, Human Biology, Psychology
  • Aymen Syeda, Human Biology, Honors
  • Sydney Szumowicz, Zoology
  • Audrey Tacderas, Biochemistry/Biotechnology
  • De'Anna Tarleton, Animal Science, Integrative Biology
  • Yasmine Tenouri, Human Biology
  • Neila Thomas*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Elise Thomas, Neuroscience
  • Sara Thompson, Chemistry, History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science
  • Aidan Tiernan, Physiology, High Honors
  • Charlie Toma, Physiology
  • Ella Totaro*, Biology, Honors
  • Lauren Truitt*, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Alex Urlaub, Zoology, Entomology
  • Ben Uzorka, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Brynn Van dyke, Human Biology
  • Sarah Vander Roest, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Matthew Vernier, Physiology
  • Nidhi Vorakkara, Human Biology
  • Hannah Voytowich, Neuroscience
  • Jacob Waitzman, Human Biology, High Honors
  • Ryan Wakley*, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, High Honors
  • Lauren Walkon*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Zoe Weil, Human Biology
  • Cj Whitford*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Katelyn Whitlatch*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Lily Whitty, Physiology, Honors
  • Alicia Wills*, Neuroscience, Honors
  • Gavin Wink, Human Biology
  • Zack Wojcik*, Human Biology, Honors
  • Matt Wolf*, Human Biology
  • Griffin Zajkowski, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Human Biology
  • Peter Zakaria*, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, High Honors
  • Matthew Zawisa*, Physiology, High Honors
  • Evan Ziehl*, Neuroscience
  • Lauren Zuzga, Human Biology

*Denotes member of the Honors College