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Briggsie Meghana Karumuri nominated for national Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

March 17, 2024

Meghana Karumuri, from Farmington Hills, Michigan, who is a third-year Microbiology major in Lyman Briggs College has been nominated for the prestigious Udall Undergraduate Scholarship.  

Meghana KarumuriSponsored by the Udall Foundation, the scholarship is designed to financially support students interested in Tribal policy, Native American health care, and environmental issues. The foundation anticipates nationally distributing around 55 scholarships in 2024.  

Kaylin Casper, from Burbank, California, who is a second-year student double majoring in Sociology in the College of Social Science and English in the College of Arts and Letters and Jerome Hamilton Jr., from Baltimore, Maryland, who is a third-year Political Science (Pre-Law) student in the College of Social Science were also nominated for the scholarship.

Story adapted from the Distinguished Student Awards Office press release.