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College Statement on Recent Events

October 23, 2019

Dear Lyman Briggs Community, 

I want to thank the members of the LBC Committee for Inclusivity who have drafted this message and have helped us to think through the events of the past several days.  

Recently there have been a number of disturbing incidents on campus that have left many of us shocked and concerned. These were outlined in a communication from President Stanley, sent via email October 22. Though none of these incidents occurred at Briggs or in Holmes Hall, many of us in the community find ourselves deeply affected. For those of you who are upset and offended, we hear you. We support you. We stand in solidarity with you. Words and symbols have different meanings depending on the context, and we need to be ever mindful of potential harm. LBC wants to make it very clear that language and other behavior that is bigoted, racist, harassing, or discriminating is unwelcome and will not be tolerated. 

Briggs has a statement of inclusion that hangs in every classroom that reflects our community values and guides our mission: 

Lyman Briggs College is dedicated to promoting inclusion and fostering diversity in all of its forms. We will treat all community members with respect, civility, and empathy. We embrace learning environments that celebrate different beliefs, practices, and lives. We believe that inclusive learning is stronger learning and diverse workplaces are stronger workplaces. Thank you for contributing to this mission. You belong here.


Michele Jackson, Dean

The members of the Lyman Briggs Committee for Inclusivity