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Summer 2024 LBC Education Abroad & Away Programs

January 8, 2024

Lyman Briggs is offering some exciting education abroad programs and an education away opportunity for Summer Semester 2024! Summer programs will take place in Berlin, Panama, Maine, and South Africa, with topics including the history of medicine, eugenics, biodiversity, ecology, colonialism, conservation, and more! Learn more about these opportunities below.

Make sure to meet with Anne Slavin (schrock7@msu.edu) to discuss how one of these opportunities could fit into your academic plan and check out the LBC Education Abroad & Away virtual advising room. Please feel free to reach out to program contacts if you are interested in any of these opportunities.

Berlin: History of Medicine: Eugenics

Berlin by S. Widua via UnsplashExplore history in the diverse and vibrant metropolitan hub of Berlin, Germany! This program will look at how new interpretations of science in the mid-nineteenth century, as seen in anthropology, demography, biology, botany, and public health (among many others), morphed into the horrors of race science in a genocide in less than a century. 

The trip investigates the previous idea by incorporating readings, discussions, and visits to relevant sites, like the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Berlin Story Museum.

The program will run from May 2-31, 2024 with faculty members Dr. Richard Parks and Dr. Richard Bellon. Students must take a minimum of 8 credits, choosing from LB323B, LB326A, and/or LB492. Program costs are yet to be finalized, but are estimated: ESTIMATED Program Fee ($5,500), estimated tuition (in state: 4,804), estimated out-of-pocket expenses ($3,665; includes $2,500 for air fare):  Estimated total: $13,969

Click here for more information, Contact Dr. Richard Parks (rparks@msu.edu) or Dr. Rich Bellon (bellonr@msu.edu) with any questions, and Hope Kroll (krollhop@msu.edu) with any questions about the application process.

Students who are interested in participating in Summer 2024 should apply by the priority deadline of January 8, 2024. The final application deadline is February 1, 2024.

Visit the course ViaTRM to apply now!

Panama: American Colonialism and the Creation of Biodiversity

a sloth in the rainforest of PanamaJoin Dr. Melissa Charenko and Dr. J.P. Lawrence in Panama for a three-week course to experience what it means to experience what it means to be a tropical biologist and how American science interests have shaped the country. 

The trip will visit Barro Colorado Island, Bocas del Toro, and Cerro Punta, exploring Panama’s vast biodiversity among various environments. Harsh weather conditions are to be expected, as it is guaranteed to rain every day in the tropics. Activities include snorkeling in the reef, visits to various field stations, Colorado Islands, and more.

The program will be 8 credits: students must take four credits of LB492 and then choose between LB493, LB348, LB325A, FW480, or IBIO49. The program fee will be between $2500-3500, not including airfare or tuition. For more information, watch the promotional video on Youtube. For questions, contact Dr. Charenko (charenko@msu.edu) or Dr. Lawrence (lawre161@msu.edu). For questions about the application process, please contact Hope Kroll (krollhop@msu.edu). 

Visit the course ViaTRM to apply now!


Maine: Spend 2024 in Vacationland

a purple iris by a rocky Atlantic coast in Acadia National Park, MaineJoin Dr. Record and Dr. DeGraw in Vacationland, Maine for three weeks highlighting Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor! “Vacationland” includes an area that combines natural resource extraction with agriculture alongside tourism and outdoor recreation. Some sites to be visited are Jackson Laboratory, Abbe Museum, La Rochelle Mansion, Sand Beach Stargazing, Asticou Gardens, and more. 

The program includes two weeks of online, asynchronous work and three weeks offline in coastal Maine. If you enjoy History, Philosophy, Science and Society, the outdoors, and love to adventure, this program is for you! There will be time allotted during the program for personal exploration.

The program is estimated to run July 1-20, 2024 during Summer Session II with an estimated $2500 fee (covers board, weekday meals, and all activity entrance fees). Earn 8 credits from two of LB322, 325, 492, or 493. For any questions, contact Dr. Isaac Record (irecord@msu.edu). Applications are open until the course fills up.

Visit Dr. Record's website for more information or apply now!

South Africa: Exploring Wildlife Conservation

a baby elephant plays with its mother in South AfricaJoin Dr. Sonja Christensen and Dr. Jerry Urquhart in Kruger National Park, South Africa this summer! Explore the safari, go camping, and partake in hands-on interactions with South African wildlife, such as lions, leopards, elephants, impalas, rhinos, and more.

In this program, students will examine the complexities of wildlife conservation in South Africa and complete coursework on conservation biology and wildlife management. Some activities include nighttime wildlife drives, bushwalks and wildlife viewing, camping in Kruger National Park, and more. Students will get the opportunity to interact with scientists, researchers, and game rangers during this trip.

The program is estimated to run July 25 - August 15, 2024. The estimated costs of this program are: a course fee of $4200, approximately $2000 in 6-7 credits of tuition, and a flight to South Africa. For more information, click here. Please email Dr. Urquhart (urquhart@msu.edu) or Dr. Christensen (chris625@msu.edu) with any questions and Jean-Paul Sewavi (sewavije@msu.edu) for help with the application process.

Visit the course ViaTRM to apply now!


Are you planning to study abroad/away during Summer or Fall Semester 2024? The David and Gretchen Cantor Education Abroad Scholarship and Matson Family Expendable Scholarship for Education Abroad are for Briggsies who are planning to study abroad/away! Apply now! Applications close at 5:00 p.m. on January 22.

Additional scholarships for education abroad and away programs may be available through the MSU Scholarships database.

Education Abroad & Away Scholarships graphic: January 2024