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Upcoming Event: PATROL film screening and filmmaker commentary

November 7, 2023

PATROL Film Screening and Commentary

November 15, 7 p.m., 137 Akers Hall

Join us for a screening of the documentary, with filmmaker commentary.

Nicaragua is facing an escalating crisis. Illegal cattle ranchers and miners are decimating the Indio-Maiz Biological Reserve — one of the last remaining rainforests in Central America. Deforestation is leading to destruction of biodiversity, traditional ways of life and climate change. Commodities produced on illegally converted lands are finding their way to unsuspecting consumers in the US and other major markets.

The indigenous and Afro-descendent peoples are addressing the threat head on—fighting back to protect their territory and way of life. This is the story of PATROL.

View the trailer nowThis screening is sponsored by the Center for Latin American And Caribbean Studies, the LBC Speaker Series, and the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism.