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LBC Focus: Picture A Scientist

March 28, 2022

In April, LBC is exploring issues of gender and inclusion in STEM through a panel discussion and series of live and virtual screenings of the powerful 2020 documentary Picture A Scientist.

How to Participate in the LBC Focus: Picture A Scientist

Picture a Scientist flyer. 1. Attend a Screening

  • In-Person Screenings (snacks & drinks provided for in-person screenings)

    • April 7, 7:00 p.m., Holmes Hall, C-102, with Dr. Brandt
    • April 11, 5:00 p.m., Holmes Hall, C-106, with Dr. Louson
  • Virtual Screening

2. Fill out a quick survey to help shape our panel discussion

3. Attend our April 14 Panel, from 6:00–7:30 p.m. in C-102

Inspired by this documentary, we’re hosting a diverse group of scientists and educators to discuss issues of gender and inclusion in STEM. Learn from Dean Kendra Cheruvelil, Dr. Missy Cosby, Dr. Katie Hinko, Dr. Hasina Saraha, and Lydia Weiss.

Picture a Scientist panel graphic


Dr. Missy Cosby is a postdoctoral researcher working closely with Dr. Vashti Sawtelle in the MSU Physics Education Research Lab. Her dissertation work investigated the mathematics learning experiences of Black women undergraduates. More broadly, her research and interests center the interaction between social identities markers such as race, gender, and class and content learning identities such as mathematics or science identities. Equity across educational learning spaces is as the heart of her work as she aims understand how institutional structures promote and sustain equitable outcomes for mathematics and science learners.

Dr. Katie Hinko is an assistant professor of physics in Lyman Briggs College and the Physics Education Research Lab. She is interested in how learning physics in informal environments can encourage individuals’ interest and identity as scientists.

Dr. Hasina Saraha is a teaching member of the chemistry faculty in Lyman Briggs College who teaches introductory-level chemistry and organic chemistry courses.

Lydia Weiss, M.A. works on creating a university network of programs, outreach and support for all MSU employees and students. She coordinates training, supports and evaluations in response to relationship violence and sexual misconduct climate concerns or requests, through her role as the Climate Response Program Coordinator in the MSU Office of Prevention, Outreach, and Education.

Moderator LBC Dean Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, professor of biology and professor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, conducts NSF-funded big-data ecology research to better understand the factors driving lake health in the U.S. She also conducts research investigating how an inclusive climate promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM, including the multi-institutional, interdisciplinary NSF-funded CLIMBS-UP project examining the effect of inclusivity on STEM graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.

Materials to Share

Accessible PDF flyer


About the Documentary:

Picture A Scientist, directed by Sharon Shattuck and Ian Cheney is a 2020 documentary that focuses on how cisgender women scientists grapple with, negotiate, and work within various forms of race- and gender-based inequality in their STEM careers.

How the film describes itself: “PICTURE A SCIENTIST is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists. A biologist, a chemist and a geologist lead viewers on a journey deep into their own experiences in the sciences, overcoming brutal harassment, institutional discrimination, and years of subtle slights to revolutionize the culture of science. From cramped laboratories to spectacular field sites, we also encounter scientific luminaries who provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open to all.”