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Edward C. Ingraham

Fund Donor: Edward Ingraham

MSU Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Director, Lyman Briggs School, 1987-1998

Lyman Briggs College Arts Enrichment Fund

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Fund Description

  • LBC Arts Enrichment Fund

    About the LBC Arts Enrichment Fund

    Dr. Ingraham has found his own life to be immeasurably enriched by the arts, especially by classical music and serious theater. By establishing this fund, he hopes to provide support that will encourage Lyman Briggs College to continue to furnish its students with arts-related community activities similar to the annual excursion to the Stratford Festival that he organized while he was Director of the Lyman Briggs School from 1987 to 1998. The purchase of a piece of sculpture or a painting to enhance the college's visual climate, a program of subsidizing tickets to the Wharton Center, a trip to one or more of the Detroit or Chicago art museums - he views all of these as examples of the appropriate use of the interest money that his endowment will yield.  

I was pleased to contribute the initial money to endow the LBS Arts Enrichment Fund.

Dr. Ingraham

A Conversation with the Donor

Tell us about your time at Holmes Hall.
I taught for one year in Lyman Briggs School during the late Sixties. Then I returned to Briggs as Director in 1987 and spent eleven enjoyable years administering the unit as well as teaching math.  

Why is giving back to LBC important to you?
As a mathematician with a strong interest in the arts, I feel it is important for students who are heading for a career in science to be encouraged to make the arts part of their lives. While Director, I organized trips to theater performances at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and to concerts at the Wharton Center.

In support of this goal, I was pleased to contribute the initial money to endow the LBS Arts Enrichment Fund.

Edward Ingraham and his spouse