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Daniel Thiel, Ph.D.

Daniel  Thiel
  • Academic Specialist
  • History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science
  • Holmes Hall, W-33
  • 919 E. Shaw Lane
  • East Lansing, MI 48825


  • LB 133 Introduction to History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science
  • LB 240 Bioethics: Theories and Methods
  • LB 326A Medicine and Health: Humanities
  • LB 326B Medicine and Health: Social Sciences


My teaching focuses on the intersection of health and society. I am especially interested in the ethical and social questions that are provoked by our fixation on innovation and technology in health care. I am trained in philosophy, public health policy and sociology, so I tend to see these issues from multiple disciplinary perspectives. My research has focused largely on questions about how society perceives, understands and reacts to new innovations in public health or medical technologies ranging from public health biobanks, to the uses (and abuses) of individual and population level health data, to the gene-editing tool CRISPR. I am fascinated by the push and pull of innovation and with trying to understand the trade-offs that come when we seek techno-fixes for all that ails us individually and as a society. I am also inspired by efforts to expand bioethics to be more clearly anti-racist, justice-oriented and open to empirical research.


  • Ph.D., Health Policy (School of Public Health) and Sociology (Joint Degree), University of Michigan
  • M.A., Philosophy, Stony Brook University
  • B.A., Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley


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