Hayden Stoub

Hayden  Stoub
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Biology


  • LB 144: Organismal Biology
  • LB 145: Cell and Molecular Biology


I’m a master’s student with the Department of Physiology; My research investigates how the crosstalk between tumor associated macrophages and non-small cell lung cancer can be targeted therapeutically. I’ve previously taught biology labs at LBC during my undergraduate years as a learning assistant, PSL311 (Physiology Laboratory) as a graduate TA in my first year of my graduate studies, and I’m excited to return to LBC, teaching the same classes I taught in undergrad, this time as a graduate TA. One way I’m currently merging my research and teaching interests is by developing a curriculum that uses The Hallmarks of Cancer, (Hanahan & Weinberg, 2011) as a model to teach cell and molecular biology. My specific teaching interests are in cultivating students’ abilities to communicate science through writing and speaking, develop their independence and resilience as student scientists, and manifest their potential to think innovatively, solve problems, and seek truth. I’m also interested in outreach and partnership with high schools in science curriculum-underserved areas and developing talent for the academic and research pipelines.