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$5 million grant to help STEM students attain goals
Dean Simmons is helping to lead a new program called STEM Success. The program has received a $5 million grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation.... Read More

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LBC hosts Summer Undergraduate Research Institute in Experimental Mathematics
For 8 weeks during the summer, 18 students from across the country participated in the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute in Experimental Mathematics hosted by Lyman Briggs Colle... Read More

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Dr. Kevin Elliott discusses industry funded research on WKAR
Federal funding for scientific research, in everything from energy to biomedical science, has flatlined in recent years. Some scientists worry that means the U.S. will fall behind oth... Read More

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LBC Speaker Series: Engines of Knowledge or Merchants of Doubt: Can We Trust Industry-Funded Research?
Private industry now pays for about two-thirds of scientific research and development in the US, but there have been notable cases in which industry- funded research has been manipula... Read More

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Diversity could lead to ethical behaviors among scientists
Does belonging to a diverse research team make scientists more prone to share their data and give appropriate credit to colleagues in their publications?... Read More

LBC Faculty Receive Diversity Award

LBC Faculty win Excellence in Diversity Award

Faculty members Samantha Cass, Maxine Davis, and Jerry Urquhart have received an Excellence in Diversity Award for their efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity at Lyman Briggs College. To learn more about their work, watch this video.

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