Messages from the Dean regarding the novel coronavirus

March 27, 2020

Events of this past week are bringing new challenges to many of us. In Michigan, an order to shelter in place is upending many lives. We face not only more pressures, but new pressures we had not even considered before.  

In the face of these, how do we persist on those things that are important to our future, even if they seem to be overwhelming today?  

First, we remember that we are not alone. Social distancing is about physical location. It doesn’t mean we break our bonds of commitment to one another. In fact, it means we draw on them more. I hope you will join our Peer Advising Assistants on April 6th for a Zoom conversation to reconnect with your peers and consider how to maintain stability in unprecedented times.   

If you are interested in helping the college decide how to build even more support, I invite you to become a member of our student advisory council. Just send an email to to let me know you are interested. Starting next week, you will find more information on our website about what we are discussing and how you can be involved. This is your college. Contribute your ideas to it!  

Second, to persistwe remember that we still have choices and can act in line with our values and our goals. For example, I am very pleased that MSU has made it possible for students to choose to change the way they are graded by creating an S/NS option. Choosing an “S” grade in a course might make some of you anxious. You have high standards for yourself – does taking an “S” mean you are lowering them? Absolutely notYou are an exceptional student, to be sure. But these are even more exceptional times, and this could be the right decision for where you are right now. Take time to think, consider implications, and ask advice from your advisor. 

Now, more than ever, the Briggs commitment to acting to make a positive difference is so important. I was very proud to see the work of Dr. Jeff VanWingen, alumnus and family physician in Grand Rapids. Dr. VanWingen’s PSA video about sanitizing groceries and takeout food containers went viral on YouTube. Hgave a shout-out on LBC’s Facebook page, writing, “To all my LB colleagues, we are uniquely trained to use science. But at LB we also learned to contextualize science within history, communication, humanities, etc. This is the stuff that is going to help us to be champions in this challenging time!” This is what Briggsies do 

This brings me to the third thing we do to persist in these challenging times: we remain optimistic. As Dr. Norm Beauchamp, MSU executive vice president for health sciences and Lyman Briggs alumnus, says, when we take our situation seriously and when we work together, we can be optimistic about good outcomes. 

Each of us will find different ways to remain optimistic. For me, it is finding joy in the things that remain constant despite the many changes in our lives. Our household has been a little bigger these past weeks, as my daughter and her family have been unable to return to their lives in Europe. As we navigate their new reality, our grandson happily reminds us to be present for one another now and to realize each day is momentous. His first birthday is tomorrow. 

Stay Connected. Stay Involved. Stay Optimistic. 

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Dean Michele Jackson 



March 20, 2020

You have now completed your first full week of remote learning. I am proud of the resilience you have shown in adapting to the new learning environmentI am also proud of our innovative instructors, advisors and staff who have also adapted to continue to support your success. Consider sending an email or message to let them know how you appreciate their efforts. We’re in this together. 

I recognize that just as our instructors did not plan to teach in this way, you did not choose to learn in this way. It is essential that we all stay engaged and curious during this time. You are doing so well, but I know it can be stressfulBe sure to reach out when you need help. Take an extra moment to connect with a friend or an instructor. 

To help you and your family keep informed, you will find a set of Frequently Asked Questions on LBC’s website. We will keep updating it as more information becomes available. If you have questions or suggestions for additional information to include, please let us know at 

As a small college community, we care about your well-being and not just your academic success. I hope you are being kind to yourself, taking breaks from social media and news, exercising, and getting adequate rest. (The CDC has curated helpful tips for coping with stress at this time.) 

Stay connected, 

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Dean Michele Jackson 


March 13, 2020

Under President Stanley’s steady leadership, offices across MSU are coordinating to ensure the safety and well-being of all students and employees. The next few weeks will be a challenge for all of us. Let us work together to face the situation with patience, appreciation, and a commitment to succeed.  

Every glance at the news brings another announcement of a disruption to ordinary lives – the cancellation of events and programs, the closing of other educational institutions, schools, and care facilities, the disruption of supplies, restrictions on travel. I empathize knowing that we are each affected in personal and individual ways. Please know that everyone at Briggs is here to support our students 

Students should have, by now, received word from each of their instructors on changes to their course activities and assignments over the next few weeks. I am so appreciative of the incredible effort made by LBC instructors over the past two days to adapt their plans and prepare new ways to deliver materials and engage our students in learning 

What is your part in this? We are still Briggsies. We remain engaged and focused. We know the importance of study and of learning. Be an active participant starting now and continue to be engaged over these next several weeks. Check your email regularly! Ask questions! Respond in a timely way. Speak up when you need something. Share when others need something. Be generous with one another.  

You are a Briggsie and you belong. 

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Dean Michele Jackson


March 11, 2020

As a community we are responding to the March 11 statement by President Stanley, suspending face-to face instruction until April 20, 2020 in order to mitigate risks related to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. As Dean, I know I speak for our faculty, staff, and advisors, when I say that the safety and well-being of our students is our top priority.  

In the face of this challenging situation we remain committed to high quality learning experiences for our students. We know how important it is to remain in communication with our community and to move forward in a coordinated, calm, and patient manner.  

Here are some important decisions that I’ve made so far and that are now in effect: 

  • LBC-sponsored face-to-face events and gatherings scheduled between March 11 and April 20 are cancelled or will be postponed, including future- or admitted- student visits, special guest speaker sessions, and workshops. 
  • Briggs instructors are developing alternate methods of teaching and will be in contact with students in their courses with details. 
  • Briggs advisors are developing alternate methods of advising. 

The MSU campus will remain open during this time. Students may opt to practice social distancing by returning to their permanent residences, or may stay on campus, including those Briggsies who stay in Holmes. Dining services will still be available.  

MSU set up a toll-free hotline to help address questions from our students, faculty, staff and parents: (888) 353-1294.

Let us strive to remain engaged and connected to one another during this time. We promise to be in regular communication as the situation unfolds. Together we will maintain a healthy, connected, small college environment for science-minded students, even should we be thousands of miles from one another.  

Thank you for all you do for one another,  

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Dean Michele Jackson