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Lyman Briggs Student Planner

The Lyman Briggs Online Course Assistants (OCA’s) have created an Excel planner template to help fellow students stay organized.  
Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet. 6 columns. Class Assignment, Start date, Due date, Percent complete, Done.  Four rows of example text. Seven tabs along the bottom. Assignment list, January, February, March, April, May, Weekly Spread Example 

Click here to download your copy and start filling it in as you learn of assignments for spring semester. 

Instructions for Using the Template 

The Assignment List 

Use this tab to list assignments due for all of your classes. To track completion, you can select a cell in the “% Completed” column and click on the down arrow to select 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% to mark your progress.  

  • If you select 100%, the “Done” column will add a dot and the word done. This helps you identify at a glance what is finished and what still needs to be completed. 
  • Feel free to add as many items as possible and for all of your classes. 
  • You can organize the Assignment List by any of table headers. To do this, click on the bottom right corner arrow on the header cell and hit “Sort Ascending” or “Sort Descending.” 

  • Be sure to save often (or use auto-save) as you enter information.

The Monthly Tabs 

The monthly tabs help visualize what is due during the Spring Semester (Jan-May).  

  • You can color code different classes to help keep it organized. 
  • Multiple items can be added per cell in the calendar pages. To write in the next line in a single cell, try hitting alt+enter. 
  • A few important dates in the school calendar have been added to help get started. 

Weekly Spread Tab 

This tab can be used to help organize and prioritize assignments on a weekly basis (particularly if the monthly spread seems overwhelming).  

  • In each cell you can select the down arrow in the top right corner, and then select assignments that you have added to the assignment list on the first tab. This will make the process faster to update the list. If you prefer to enter each thing individually, that is also an option!  

  • Feel free to customize the spread to fit your individual organizational style.  

  • To make a different spread for each week, you can copy and paste it or you can create a new tab by right clicking on the tab and select “Duplicate” and then updating the days and assignments manually. 

  • To rename a tab, right-click and select “Rename”. 

Accessibility & Usability 

This planner has been created with accessibility and usability in mind. If you have suggestions to improve the design, or questions on how to use the template, please email merril23@msu.edu.  

Need Technology Assistance? 

This planner has been brought to you by the Lyman Briggs Online Course Assistants. Should you need any technical assistance this semester, you can reach us by using our Request Form

Have a great semester and Go Green!