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Override Permission Form for LB courses

This form can only be used for LB courses and cannot be used to request an override into a full course. Though overrides into full LB courses are rare, if you believe your graduation date will be impacted by not having a particular course section in a particular semester, you may email lbc.advising@msu.edu with specific details (please refer to instructions at the bottom of this form) to have an advisor review your case. Instructors will not be involved in the process until an advisor has reviewed your situation and determined that an override into a full course is necessary to complete your degree in a timely manner.

If you plan to submit an override request into a full section of an LB course, please include the following details in your email to lbc.advising@msu.edu.   

  1. Email Subject Line: Override Request into Full LB Course 
  2. Course Semester (please refer to processing dates below) 
  3. Course Number 
  4. Section Number 
  5. Lyman Briggs Major(s) and Minor(s) 
  6. Intended Semester and Year of Graduation 

Processing Dates

Override requests into full LB courses will not be reviewed until the following dates: 

  • Summer Semester: March 1 
  • Fall Semester: August 1 
  • Spring Semester: November 1 

Please do not submit a request prior to the corresponding date of the semester in which you need an override. Early requests will be denied, and students must re-submit requests after the date listed above.  

The instructor of the full course section will be asked for final approval prior to an override being granted. This will only occur once an advisor has determined that the override into the particular course section during the particular semester requested is needed to complete your degree in a timely manner.