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Enrollment Assistance

Information regarding current student enrollment for the Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022 semesters

LBC Support for Continuing Students

Quick Tip: We strongly encourage you to make an advising appointment BEFORE your Enrollment Appointment.

30-minute Appointments with the Student Success & Advising Team

Appointment Scheduling Directions


LBC Support for Incoming Fall 2021 Students

This page is for information only.  You will enroll with a Peer Support Leader following your Academic Advising Appointment in the orientation process.

Enrollment FAQ

  • Q: Where do I go to enroll?

    A: Enrollment for continuing students for Summer 2021 will be the last semester where you will enroll at schedule.msu.edu
    Enrollment for Fall 2021 and beyond will be through student.msu.edu, by clicking on the Classes tile.   

  • Q: When can I enroll?
    A: Effective Spring 2021
    1. You will have a SPECIFIC enrollment date and time provided to you via email by the Registrar’s Office. 
    2. Your enrollment appointment will be sometime between April 2 and April 20. 
    3. Starting April 21, the system will be available for all students to enroll. 

  • Q: How can I make enrollment simpler?
    1. Add your classes to your Shopping Cart. Prior to your enrollment appointment, we strongly suggest that you add your classes to the Shopping Cart feature so that you can enroll directly from the Shopping Cart once your enrollment appointment begins. 
    2. Validate your classes. Once you have your classes in the Shopping Cart, make sure to validate your classes. This checks if you're able to enroll when your Enrollment Appointment becomes available.

    This video walks you through how to do these two steps. Thanks to Paige Smith for recording.

    Validation will check if you have the appropriate prior coursework to be able to enroll, and will check for overlapping classes.
    You will NO LONGER be able to enroll in overlapping classes. 
    Seat notifications will no longer be an option. There is now a waitlist option available when you add a class or when the class is in your Shopping Cart. If you are on the waitlist, you will be automatically enrolled if a seat becomes available AND you are at the top of the waitlist. You also cannot be concurrently enrolled in another section of the class or a class that is offered at the same time as the waitlisted class. These instances will prevent your automatic enrollment.  

    A note: When the system checks to validate courses in your current shopping cart, it only checks completed coursework. It does not look at your other semesters' shopping carts. For example, for Spring 2022 enrollment, you are likely to get a validation error if you have prerequisite coursework in the Fall 2021 semester's shopping cart. 

  • Q: Are there tutorials for student.msu.edu?
    A: Some MSU resources and tutorials are available.
  • Q: What if I have technology issues?
    1. 2-Factor Authentication is required. This step has been difficult for some students.
    2. Remember that the MSU IT Service Desk is here to help you.