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Session 6: Academic Advising Appointment


Please watch the following video, read the supporting materials, and complete the homework in order to to complete Session 6. Please ensure you complete all sessions and homework at least 1 week prior to your Advising Appointment.


Presentation slides (PDF)

SPECIAL NOTE: You will schedule a 1-hour appointment with an academic advisor in Lyman Briggs. Please also plan for an additional 1+ hours following your scheduled appointment to complete enrollment for the Fall 2022 semester. We will have student support to assist you through this process. 


  1. Return to the D2L New Student Orientation Experience Pre-Advising Module and confirm your major, "Lyman Briggs" if you have not already done soYou will be unable to schedule your advising appointment until you complete this step. There will be some delay between confirming your major and being able to schedule your appointment.  
  2. Schedule your Academic Advising Appointment. Again, there will be some delay between you confirming your major and being able to schedule your appointment. In addition, if you are a member of a special population, you will not be able to schedule with LBC until 48 hours after your advising appointment with your special population advisor (like Honors College, Drew Scholars, TRIO, etc.).
  • Instructions on Scheduling an Advising Appointment
    To schedule an academic advising appointment, visit student.msu.edu.
    1. Log in using your NetID and password. 
    2. Select Academic Progress.
    3. Select the Advising/Tutoring Appointments tile. 
    4. Select Schedule an Appointment.
    5. Under Category, use the pull-down menu to select Advising.
    6. Under Advising/Tutoring Unit, use the pull-down menu to select Lyman Briggs College Advising.
    7. Appointment Reason: Hit the magnifying glass, which will display a menu.
      1. Choose NSO Advising
    8. Additional Information: Leave a note on what you want to discuss
    9. Appointment Type: Zoom Appointment 
    10. Hit the Select Advisor button 
    11. In a new menu you will see advisors who are available.  
    12. Use the pull down menu under the respective advisor to see the times they have open. If you cannot see any available times (and you have confirmed your major within D2L and are not a part of a special population like the honors college that needs to see that advisor first), you need to hit next days on the lower right to progress to days when appointments will begin.
    13. Select an available time. 
    14. Hit the Select Time button. 
    15. You will be taken back out to the main appointment page. Review the details. 
    16. Select Book It! to book your appointment – you and your advisor will receive a calendar invite for your MSU Outlook email calendar
    At this time, appointments will be released 30 days out. 

    Cancellations: If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so 24 hours in advance. This will allow another student to take your appointment time.
  • Video Instructions on Scheduling an Appointment
  • Resources regarding student.msu.edu

    Help with Technology Issues:

    1. 2-Factor Authentication is required. This step has been difficult for some students.
    2. Remember that the MSU IT Service Desk is here to help you.



    The Student Information System (SIS), or student.msu.edu, is a complicated platform. There are quite a few resources that have been compiled to assist students.

Academic Advisors for Special Populations

Advisors for special populations listed below will be in touch after you’ve completed the NSO Experience modules available in D2L. Again, if you are part of a special population, you should meet with your special population advisors BEFORE Lyman Briggs advisors. You will not be able to schedule an appointment with an LBC advisor using student.msu.edu until 48 hours after you meet with your special populations advisor.


TRIO Student Support Services (First generation college students) 

Contact: Emily Abrams
Email: abramsem@msu.edu
Website: https://nssc.msu.edu/programs/triosssprogram/


Dow STEM Scholars Program (STEM majors who place into Math 103A) 

Contact: Jonglim Han 
Email: dowstem@msu.edu 
Website: https://nssc.msu.edu/programs/dowstem/


Detroit MADE Program (Students from Detroit) 

Contact: Dr. Joy Hannibal 
Email: detmade@msu.edu
Website: www.nssc.msu.edu/programs/detroitmade/


Honors College      

Email: honors@msu.edu   
Website: https://honorscollege.msu.edu/academics/index.html     


Academic Scholars Program    

Email: asp@msu.edu   
Website: https://honorscollege.msu.edu/programs/academic-scholars-program.html 



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