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Session 5: Homework for Academic Advising


Please watch the following video, read the supporting materials, and complete the homework in order to to complete Session 5. The homework we have been referencing throughout our sessions is linked below. Please ensure you complete this homework at least 1 week prior to your Advising Appointment.



Presentation Slides (accessible PDF)

Supporting Links and Resources

The following links will open a new window when you click them.


Directions: Please fill out this form no later than one week prior to your Advising Appointment. 

To fill out the homework, you'll want to be prepared with AP/IB exam scores or score estimates, information on courses you wish to transfer from other colleges or universities, and an idea of possible majors. In addition, you'll need to determine elective courses and rank Integrative Studies in the Social Sciences/Integrative Studies in the Arts & Humanities courses. The following two documents will help:

Important Reminder: Please confirm your major as Lyman Briggs, if you have not already done so. You will be unable to schedule your advising appointment until you complete this step. There will be some delay between confirming your major and being able to schedule your appointment, which will be covered in the next session.  


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