Leadership Roles


Michele Jackson became the dean of Lyman Briggs College in August 2018. As a dean she is responsible for leading the college, representing the college at conferences, strategic planning, building relationships with other university and community members, and for setting vision. The role of dean ensures that the budget, personnel, and activities align and are beneficial for the overall goals of the college.

Dean: Michele H. Jackson

Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning

Georgina Montgomery started her leadership position with the college in 2018. In this role she is responsible for upholding academic excellence here in the college.

She writes, “I am excited to serve the Lyman Briggs community as Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning. In partnership with the Director for Experiential Learning and the Director for Study Abroad and Away, I will be working to ensure all our students receive an educational experience defined by teaching excellence, innovative pedagogy, and integration of the sciences and humanities. Together, our distinct community and curriculum will serve to prepare our students for the kinds of interdisciplinary, wicked problems existing and emerging in science today.”

Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning: Georgina Montgomery

Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs

Jerry Urquhart started his leadership position with the college in April 2019. In this role he is responsible for recruiting and supporting a diverse, engaged, and productive faculty throughout their academic careers. The associate dean oversees the college’s diverse research portfolio, which includes individual research, research on teaching and learning, and interdisciplinary research programs like S3 and SUTL.

Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs: Jerry Urquhart

Executive Support for the Dean and Associate Deans: Cara Ballinger

Assistant Dean for Student Success & Advising

Karen Mills became assistant dean in 2019. Her role is to lead the student success and advising team of professional academic advisors. She writes, "I want to be part of the support network for students as they gain confidence in navigating a new environment, meeting new people and learning subject matter at the college level. Watching students transition during their college years from a freshman to post-graduation is amazing. I am here to help that happen."

Assistant Dean for Student Success & Advising: Karen Mills

Assistant to the Student Success & Advising Office: Allison Stockmeyer

Director of Education Abroad and Away

Maxine Sewell Davis became LBC's director of education abroad and away in January, 2020. In this role, she coordinates and oversees education abroad opportunities through Lyman Briggs College, and in coordination with other colleges and universities. She writes, "I am pleased for the opportunity to serve as the director of the Education Abroad and Away programs at Lyman Briggs College. I have led several programs to Nicaragua, and appreciate the life-changing experiences these programs afford to our students. I am excited to apply my background knowledge in finding ways to make education abroad and away programs more accessible to our students."

Director of Education Abroad & Away: Maxine Sewell Davis

Assistant Director of Education Abroad & Away: Anne Slavin

Director of Experiential Learning

Isaac Record became director of experiential learning in 2019. In his role he oversees learning experiences beyond the classroom for LBC students--including learning assistantships, internships, and undergraduate research. In addition, he is the founding director of the Collaborative Experiential Learning Laboratory, a sort of maker space on the lower level of Holmes Hall.

Record writes, "Experiential learning is central to the Lyman Briggs experience. I am thrilled to support our students as they become learning assistants and pursue research and other high-powered experiential opportunities and I am excited to work with Briggs students, faculty, and staff to expand the scope and quality of these offerings within the college." 

Director of Experiential Learning: Isaac Record

Assistant Director of Experiential Learning: Gerica Lee

Special Advisor to the Dean for Strategic Initiatives

Mark Waddell became special advisor to the dean in 2019. He writes, "As Special Advisor to the Dean for Strategic Initiatives, I work with Dean Jackson to develop and implement new directions for the college while, at the same time, building on our identity as a student-focused and innovative center for interdisciplinary teaching at MSU. As someone who has worked and taught in Briggs for more than a decade, this is an opportunity for me to give back to our community and help to make our college better and stronger. Dean Jackson has some bold ideas for change that will transform Briggs in the coming years, and I’m excited to be a part of making that happen."

Special Advisor to the Dean for Strategic Initiatives: Mark Waddell

Faculty Excellence Advocate

Sean Valles became Faculty Excellence Advocate in 2018. The job of the LBC Faculty Excellence Advocate (FEA) is to advocate for having practices align stated institutional values, with special attention to matters of excellence, diversity and inclusion. Main duties include: 

  • meeting confidentially with individuals or groups of staff/advisers/faculty who have problems/conflicts/concerns, offering a sympathetic ear, advice, and/or connecting folks to relevant resources
  • being available to accompany advisers/faculty/staff at certain work meetings where they worry they might be uncomfortable or lost, and could use someone there to help navigate a tricky situation
  • work as part of the Dean’s Leadership Team, a permanent observer embedded in the group to monitor processes and make recommendations that advance the FEA mission.

Valles writes, "I am personally drawn to this position because my teaching, research, and on- and off-campus service have all gradually converged around one overall goal: I want to help understand and promote the nuanced social structures that help individuals and communities to thrive. I eagerly welcome conversations with any Briggs advisors, staff, and faculty. What is helping or hindering your ability to thrive at work? My motto is, “if it matters to you, it matters to me”—so send me an email or drop by E25B office anytime to let me know what matters to you."

Faculty Excellence Advocate: Sean Valles