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Leadership Roles


Kendra Spence Cheruvelil became dean for the college in February 2022. In this role she is responsible for administration, continuity, and ongoing support of the Briggs community.

She said, “I am honored to be named dean of the Lyman Briggs College, which I have been part of for almost 16 years. I continue to be energized by the college’s commitment to supporting students in their professional growth as scientists in our small, liberal-arts-college environment. We center diversity and inclusion in the sciences and engage with the sciences in their contemporary and historical, social, and global contexts, empowering our students to be leaders. LBC’s future is bright, with strong partnerships throughout the university, engaged alumni supporting our students and programs, and innovative and award-winning teaching."

Dean: Kendra Spence Cheruvelil

Executive Assistant to the Dean: Cara Ballinger


Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning

Georgina Montgomery started her leadership position with the college in 2018. In this role she is responsible for upholding academic excellence here in the college.

She writes, “I am excited to serve the Lyman Briggs community as Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning. In partnership with the Director for Experiential Learning and the Director for Study Abroad and Away, I will be working to ensure all our students receive an educational experience defined by teaching excellence, innovative pedagogy, and integration of the sciences and humanities. Together, our distinct community and curriculum will serve to prepare our students for the kinds of interdisciplinary, wicked problems existing and emerging in science today.”

Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning: Georgina Montgomery


Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs

Ryan Sweeder became associate dean for research and faculty affairs in May 2021, after serving in an interim role earlier in the spring. In this role he is responsible for recruiting and supporting a diverse, engaged, and productive faculty throughout their academic careers.

He writes, “I am looking forward to having a chance to support each of our faculty members. Together we will be able to improve LBC by developing a culture that welcomes and supports faculty and students from all backgrounds in achieving their career goals."

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs: Ryan Sweeder

Administrative Assistant for the Associate Deans: Mackenzie Tremper



Assistant Dean for Student Success & Advising: Niki J. Rudolph

Niki J. Rudolph became Assistant Dean for Student Success & Advising in July 2021. In this role she is reponsible for the coordination of the Student Success & Advising Team, which assists students from orientation to graduation and beyond.

She writes, "I am thrilled to be joining a fantastic Student Success and Advising team. I look forward to partnering with the Briggs students, faculty, staff, and advisors in continuing to foster an inclusive community of innovative leaders in science and beyond."

Administrative Coordinator for the Student Success & Advising Office: Sarah Evans-Cain