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Camila Monsalve

Camila  Monsalve
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Graduate Student
  • Physics
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Pronouns: she/her


  • LB 273 Physics I
  • LB 274 Physics II


I was interested in having a medical career until I walked into my physics course and my professor said "Welcome, this is physics course in which I don't lecture and there is no textbook." Turned to be the most inspiring course I have taken, so I switched to physics major with the aspiration of going to graduate school for Physics Education Research. My experience of liking physics so much is something I want to share with folks. So my research focuses on how to make physics learning more collaborative and productive.


  • B.Sc., Physics, Florida International University
  • B.Sc., Biological Sciences, Florida International University


Currently, I am deciding what research methods I would like to implement to bring in the amazing tool of Revolutionary Love Compass by Valerie Kaur. She is a social activist with a great vision and I will bring her tools into learning physics.


  • C. Monsalve, R. Henderson, and V. Sawtelle, An Investigation of Degree Pathways for Students of Color with Transfer Credits, 2020 PERC Proceedings [Virtual Conference, July 22-23, 2020], edited by S. Wolf, M. B. Bennett, and B. W. Frank, doi:10.1119/perc.2020.pr.Monsalve.
  • McPadden, D., Brewe, E., Monsalve, C. and Sawtelle, V., 2020. Productive faculty resources activated by curricular materials: An example of epistemological beliefs in University Modeling Instruction. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 16(2), p.020158.
  • Monsalve, C. Hazari, Z., McPadden, D., Sonnert, G., & Sadler, P. M. (2016 July) “Examining the Relationship between Career Outcome Expectations and Physics Identity,” PERC Conf. Proc. (American Association of Physics Teachers) pg. 228-231.


Curriculum Vitae