Daniel Menchik, Ph.D.

Daniel  Menchik
  • Associate Professor
  • History, Philosophy & Sociology of Science
  • Department of Sociology, College of Social Science
  • Holmes Hall, W-26F
  • 919 E. Shaw Lane
  • East Lansing, MI 48825
  • (517) 897-5933


  • Medicine in the Wild: Conducting Ethnography in the Contemporary Hospital (2-course upper-level sequence)
  • The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science
  • Medicine and Health 
  • The Sociology of Health Care: From the Gurney to the Global 
  • Technology and Culture


Daniel Menchik is an associate professor of sociology. His research focuses on several areas of inquiry linked by a broad interest in the social organization of medicine. In short, he is interested in how social relationships among people, groups, and institutions influence the creation and use of knowledge, social status, and authority. His methodological approach to such questions has been quite diverse, including social network analysis, archival and library research, content analysis, interview research, and ethnographic observation. In a book manuscript, he is writing about how doctors organize their work in a way that enables them to retain control over tasks, strengthen medicine’s coalescence, and ultimately, manage its authority. Recently, he has also been studying how language is used to manage expectations in end-of-life interactions, the social organization of arms-length relationships, and the automation of expert knowledge in medicine and other occupations. Professor Menchik has taught a wide variety of courses, in which he situates examinations of real-world examples in the context of broad philosophical and sociological questions.


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Chicago
  • M.A., Sociology, University of Chicago                                           
  • M.Phil. Sociology, First Class Honours, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England
  • B.A., Political Science with Honors, University of Wisconsin-Madison         
  • J.B.A, Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Madison         


  • (2018) MSU Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor of the Year Award 
  • (2017) MSU Teacher-Scholar Award
  • (2013) American Sociological Association Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • (2009) ASA Communication and Information Technology Section’s Graduate Student Paper Award
  • (2008) ASA Social Psychology Section’s Graduate Student Paper Award (Honorable Mention)
  • (2008) University of Chicago Sociology Department’s Society for Social Research (SSR) Paper Award
  • (2006) ASA Medical Sociology Section’s Louise Johnson Graduate Student Paper Award
  • (2005) The Carl Couch Society of Symbolic Interactionism Internet Research Award
  • (1999) University of Wisconsin Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society Award


Funded Project

  • (2018-9) MSU College of Social Sciences Faculty Initiative Fund
  • (2017-9) Scholarship on Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Fellowship, MSU
  • (2017-8) Norman Kagan Endowed Scholarship, MSU College of Human Medicine
  • (2016-8) MSU Humanities and Arts Research Program: ‘The Practices of Medicine’
  • (2016-7) Sparrow Foundation: SHARP: Sparrow Hospital Adherence & Readmissions Project
  • (2015) Science Studies at State: ‘Patient Adherence in Orthopedics’
  • (2011-2012) Charles R. Henderson dissertation write-up fellowship
  • (2009-2011) National Institute of Aging Training Grant
  • (2007-9) NIH/AHRQ Health Services Research Training Grant
  • (2006-7) Bennett Predoctoral Award – Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making
  • (2005-6) Chicago Center of Excellence in Health Promotion Predoctoral fellowship
  • (2005) Chicago Center of Excellence in Health Promotion fellowship
  • (2004-6) University of Chicago Fuerstenberg fellowship
  • (2004) Ford Foundation: ‘Information Technology and Social Transformations’
  • (2003) Ford Foundation: ‘Information Technology and International Cooperation’
  • (2002) Cambridge European Trust Easter Scholarship
  • (2001-2002) University of Cambridge Hughes Hall research fellowship


  • Menchik, D. (2019) “Tethered Venues: Discerning Distant Influences on a Fieldsite.” Sociological Methods and Research. 48: 850-76.
  • Menchik, D. (2017) “Interdependent Career Types and Divergent Standpoints on the Use of Advanced Technology in Medicine” Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 58: 488-502.
  • Tian, X., and D. Menchik. (2016) “On Violating One’s Own Privacy: N-adic Utterances and Inadvertent Disclosures in Online Venues” Studies in Media and Communications, 11: 3-31.
  • Menchik, D. (2014) “Decisions About Knowledge in Medical Practice: The Effect of Temporal Features of a Task.” American Journal of Sociology. 120: 701-49.
  • Menchik, D., and L. Jin. (2014) “When Do Doctors Follow Patients' Orders? Organizational Mechanisms of Physician Influence.” Social Science Research. 48: 171-184.
  • Menchik, D. (2014) “Simmel's Dynamic Social Medicine: New Questions For Studying Medical Institutions?” Social Science & Medicine, 107: 100-104.


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