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LBC IT - Hardware / Software Support (LBC FACULTY & STAFF ONLY)

LBC-IT ensures that faculty and staff have the information technology tools and infrastructure necessary to carry out the University's mission. LBC-IT helps faculty and staff make maximum use of the appropriate information technology tools in their learning, teaching, research, administration, and support activities.

LBC-IT is responsible for implementing and supporting the technology used within the college such as the laptops, desktops, networked printers, laboratory computers, and Internet-based systems including Desire2Learn, Kultura MediaSpace and more.

Whether your computer is a Mac or a PC, running Windows 7, or Mac OS we can support you.

Requesting Support:
If at any point you encounter problems with the computer, software, and/or printers, please contact me immediately and we'll get the issues resolved ASAP. To submit an online service ticket please: Service Ticket Request (new window)

LBC IT Support Documents
Dean's Seminar Room - Wireless Projection

LBC OwnCloud
Are you in the need of some type of computer backup of your files?
Lyman Briggs uses a open source product called OwnCloud that will synch your files to an off-site server and has many additonal featues. Please come talk to me and we'll find a solution that works best for you.

LBC Configured Computers:
Each computer purchased by Lyman Briggs gets configured with the following college funded software:
* Specific software can be purchased if needed for teaching purposes

Equipment Available:
Looking for a digital camera to record a presentation? Forget a power adapter at home and realized your battery is nearly dead? Don't worry, you can either put in a service ticket request or stop by my office. We have several pieces of technolgy that we can loan out to you. Below are a listing of available items that your can check-out:
  • Handheld video cameras (Kodak)
  • Laptops (Mac/PC)
  • Desktops (Mac/PC)
  • External monitors
  • External DVD or Bluray Players
  • External Hard Drives
  • Power adapters
  • Personal Laserjet Printers

Each year the college puts in a TLE (Teaching and Learning Environment) proposal request to the university to acquire funds to cover computer equipment and many other types of teaching equipment (spectrometers, projectors, microscopes). A typical cycle of faculty computer replacement is about every three years.

There is also funding available from LBC-IT to help with purchases of small equipment, (mouse, presentation clickers, VGA dongles, power strips, etc.) so if you need something please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you are looking to purchase a new computer or another piece of computer technology (adapter, software, mouse, etc.) please contact me or complete a service ticket. In many cases I may already have the piece of equipment that you are considering purchasing and could save you some of your funds. Lyman Briggs College is required by the university to keep an updated complete listing of any technology purchases. Placing all technology orders allows LBC IT to record the required serial numbers, model numbers, etc. when items arrive before being delivered to your offices.

Please contact IT Manager when you need any assistance.

Joe Murray

Additional support is also available from:

MSU IT Services Support:
Classroom technology (non-Briggs) support or media equipment
(517) 353-3960 (Mon - Fri 7:30am - 11am)