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Lyman Briggs College Student Blog

An Open Letter to Lyman Briggs First-Year Students 11-7-14

By Jill Nelson

  1. Get lost on campus. We know you’ll do this on accident about 12 times a day anyways, whether you’d like to admit it or not. This campus is full of gorgeous buildings, gardens, and landscapes to stumble upon! Plus, after the hour it’ll take you to wander around back to your dorm, you’ll be a campus map pro!
  2. Talk to the people on your floor. Talk to your RA. Talk to your professors. Talk to strangers. Actually, just talk to everyone.
  3. Paint that rock and defend her honor. All night long. In January.
  4. Join a club that you’ve never heard of before. Our Underwater hockey and Quidditch teams are always recruiting, and I hear our Coloring Club is pretty neat.
  5. Play Ultimate Frisbee as much as you possibly possibly can. Trust me. Especially if it’s raining.
  6. Eat your weight in Pokee sticks.
  7. Take a class that has nothing at all to do with your major or future career path. I recommend “Introduction to Wine Tasting” or any intro studio art or kinesiology class. Why, you ask? Why not?
  8. Find your coffee shop patronus and be faithful to her. Here I make no recommendations—just follow your heart on this one.
  9. Take as many pictures with Sparty as you can. He’s a national celebrity, after all.
  10. Try every flavor of ice cream at the Dairy Store.
  11. Eat at every caf on campus and figure out which one is your favorite.
  12. Order Insomnia Cookies. A lot of Insomnia Cookies. Tip: They taste better after 2:00am.
  13. Study abroad! It’s free!... Just kidding. But the experience is priceless!
  14. Never—I repeat—never forget to Combo X-Change. You hear me? Ever.
  15. Refuse to be ashamed of the goggle lines left on your face after Chem Lab.
  16. Change your major as many times as it takes for you to be happy.
  17. Take a selfie with Johnny Spirit.
  18. If you leave your door open, people will come in. If people come in, you’ll talk to them. If you talk to them, you’ll find something in common. If you find something in common, you’ll become friends. If you become friends, you’ll do cool things together. If you do enough cool things together, you’ll become best friends forever. That means when you’re old and wrinkly, you’ll have old friends to play bridge with and knit scarves for. So leave your door open.
  19. Even if you’re not in Dr. LaDuca’s chemistry class, sneak in on Fridays to watch his Friday Fails.
  20. Go to Sparticipation and throw around your email address like you’re Connor Cook throwing down touchdown passes.
  21. Never turn down an invitation, an opportunity, or a chance to try something new. Work that comfort zone.