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Research Overview

Lyman Briggs College faculty engage in research across all the disciplines taught in the College [Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, and the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science] and also conduct research on university-level teaching and learning. Cross-disciplinary collaborations that are supported by external grants, lead to highly visible publications, and involve undergraduate co-authors are a hallmark of the College's research program.

Consistent with our educational mission and our goal to retain diverse students in STEM fields, we stress student research immersion starting in the freshman year. Students start by learning the basic skills and methods that underlie research and investigate open-ended questions as part of their coursework; over time, they progess to independent research on questions they have formulated based on their own interests. One of the highlights of each spring semester is the LBC Research Symposium where students present the results of their course projects and faculty-mentored research.