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Introductory Physics

Studio physics is an integrated laboratory/lecture course that is innovative, and proven to support students in building a strong conceptual and experimental basis for physics. The studio model asks students to do physics they way physicists do it - starting with investigations into physical phenomenon and developing the models and mathematical tools to describe the observations. Practically the result is that students enroll in one physics course and move fluidly in that course between doing laboratory investigations, recitation-style activities, and developing content knowledge.

Studio Physics
Group Project on Momentum Conservation

Why should I take Lyman Briggs physics?

There are several reasons you might want to enroll in the LBC physics sequence:
  • The courses use lots of active learning techniques, which makes class more engaging and means that you will learn and retain much more physics than in a more traditional course.
  • The Lyman Briggs physics courses have much smaller class sizes than the comparable Physics Department courses, meaning that you will get more opportunities to interact with the professor, TA, and undergraduate learning assistants.
  • There is a strong focus on life science-related physics problems, and the courses are deliberately taught in a way that is supportive of life science students.
  • You will be taking the class with other Lyman Briggs students, including Learning Assistants that are former students in the class. It's a great learning environment!

Students designing a laboratory investigation to determine the charge on two balloons