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The LBC physics course sequence has been re-titled "Studio Physics for the Life Sciences," and one of the most important goals of the sequence is to leave you with an overarching conceptual understanding of physics and the interconnectedness of physical phenomena, and how the laws of physics affect living organisms. For example, we will explain to you why Godzilla simply could not exist, and why bugs don't need lungs, but humans do. Lyman Briggs College offers a two semester, calculus-based physics course sequence: LB 273 and LB 274, Physics I and II. In Physics I, we focus on Newton's laws and kinematics (why objects move and how they move), thermodynamics (how does diffusion actually work), and fluid dynamics (how objects are affected by air and water). In Physics II, we focus on electricity and magnetism, interference and diffraction, and how light interacts with biomolecules.