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Katie Hinko Katie Hinko joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy as an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in MSU's Lyman Briggs College in August 2016. Her primary field of research is in Physics Education, but she also has worked in experimental Biophysics.





Gerd Kortemeyer Gerd Kortemeyer has been leading the development of tools for online learning, content management, assessment, learning analytics, and educational data mining. Of particular interest is the data generated from online learning venues - not only in virtual university courses or MOOCs, but also in flipped, blended, or hybrid learning environments. He has also been developing informal STEM education technologies, such as visualizations, games, and most recently planetarium shows.



Vashti Sawtelle Vashti Sawtelle is physics education researcher who studies how learning environments support (or inhibit) students from diverse backgrounds in their learning physics. She focuses her work on understanding the role active learning, modeling, and interdisciplinary classrooms (e.g., physics for biologists) have to play in creating supportive learning environments for all students.