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Michigan State UniversityLyman Briggs College

LBC Introduces New Writing Studio Program to Curriculum

Lyman Briggs College is partnering with MSU’s Writing Center to incorporate a writing studio pilot program into its History, Philosophy, and Sociology (HPS) curriculum. Beginning this fall semester, students enrolled in LBC’S Introductory HPS course, LB 133, will participate in a weekly 1-hour writing studio session outside of their regularly scheduled class time.


“MSU’s Writing Center is an ideal collaborator to work with our LB 133 faculty and small groups of students,” says Associate Dean, Dr. Philip Strong. “The program will support the faculty goals for developing college-level skills in writing, literacy, and pedagogy.”


Writing mentors who have undergone training through MSU’s Writing Center will lead small groups of students in the studios. The studio sessions will serve as a time where students can work with each other and with a mentor on writing activities in a structured and supportive setting.


“By collaborating with the Writing Center, we are bringing their expertise and talents into the college to improve our students’ communication skills,” says Associate Dean, Dr. Mark Largent. “It’s more important than ever for well-trained scientists to be good communicators, and we are happy to see Briggs lead the way in helping students develop those skills.” 


Through these writing studios, students will learn the skills and practices necessary to be successful writers in their MSU courses and future careers. For example, mentors will design activities to teach students how to reflect on and improve their personal writing processes. Students will also practice revising their writing, improving their reading comprehension, and incorporating primary and secondary sources into their work.


The program will utilize a web service developed by MSU faculty members called ELI Review. ELI provides an effective way for students to learn to revise their own writing and to provide helpful feedback to peers. Writing mentors will also use ELI to review student writing and to teach students new writing methods.


All LBC students take LBC 133 Introduction to History, Philosophy, and Sociology as part of the curriculum’s HPS requirement. HPS is a unique part of a LBC education that seeks to improve students’ ability to understand science in the context of the humanities and social sciences.