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Oh the Places You'll Go — An Accepted Lyman Briggs College Student

By Grant Boxey

As a member of the Briggs Ambassadors here at Lyman Briggs College, I want to issue a huge welcome to any accepted or prospective students that are reading this blog! Throughout the year, I have had the opportunity to interact with many of you, whether through tours I have given or reaching out to several students who have tweeted their acceptances. Now that I have you here, let’s discuss what your life may look like after you open that beautiful green and white envelope!

Oh the places you can go...

It is winter break as I type this blog post, and on a related note, I have written and re-written my entry several times. I’ve asked myself over and over again, “What would a prospective student want to think about as they approach their college decisions?” Then again, “What would a future Lyman Briggs student want to know about campus life in East Lansing?” As I enjoy this cup of hot cocoa, relaxing after the end of the semester, I’ve come to one conclusion: What haven’t they seen?

Chances are, if you have taken a tour of Holmes Hall, you have pictured yourself sitting in C106, listening to a chemistry lecture. You’ve imagined a coffee-induced 3am study session in our study lounges. Even as you endure the final months of high school (or over a year if you are on top of the game!), you may daydream about standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands in Spartan Stadium, or even the first bite of our award winning MSU Dairy Store ice cream! I can recall the weeks following my acceptance to Lyman Briggs were spent in happiness, counting down the months until I would meet my floormates, my suitemates, my yet-to-be-determined roommate, and all of my instructors at LBC. But all of the brochures, emails, tweets, and letters could not have prepared me for the memories yet to come...

As an accepted Lyman Briggs College student, you become a part of a much larger community than your 624 freshman peers. You become a part of a living/learning environment that stretches further than East Holmes to West Holmes. The world you step into includes the space between Harrison and Hagadorn Roads. It heads north, past the Broad art museum and Grand River, all the way south past the farms and the golf courses. You become a part of a group I call my second family, our Spartan family.

In this chosen group in East Lansing, there are an untold number of opportunities to grow your education, expand your social circles, and to diversify your world views. While some students may be sold at the prospects of cheering on our football team or joining our diverse and vibrant Greek community, I’d like to show you my story outside of Holmes Hall:

soccergameAbove is a video I pieced together the first day of classes this year. Total cost: under two dollars for my tube and a couple of hours after I finished classes for the day. The Red Cedar River is a vastly underutilized resource on campus and I encourage all future students to explore it beyond gathering samples for chemistry and biology courses!

pre-medThis picture sums up my past year and a half here at MSU: absolute craziness. As a member of the Red Cedar Rowdies, I am on hand to watch our Men’s soccer program carry the torch of MSU post-season tournament runs proudly. You won’t find a more intimate atmosphere to enjoy Spartan athletics, as we “get rowdy” by playing our drums and covering the field in streamers after Spartan goals. You won’t often see us on ESPN, creating noise like the Izzone. But in the end, we provide a home-field advantage for our team which is matched by very few venues in college soccer.

At the beginning of every year, before classes begin, the giant event known as Sparticipation involves over 600 registered student organizations convening on the grass of Munn Field or on the floor of Breslin Center. Here, the RSO’s inform the student body of the literal HUNDREDS of opportunities to further their education and form relationships! While Lyman Briggs College (and the multitude of pre-med/vet/dent groups such as mine) does provide unique chances for pre-professional students to meet their goals, Michigan State University has a group for everybody to get the most out of their undergraduate experience...whether you are a physicist, biologist, nutritionist, chemist, neuroscientist, undecided major, or many others!

holmiesFinally I have included a picture of my IM Soccer team, the Holmies, after our championship win this year. Brought together by my freshman year Resident Assistant in Holmes Hall, we have stayed together each fall and spring season to enjoy a sport we love and form friendships which will last a lifetime. Whether sports are your thing, or you just enjoy the company of others, joining the living/learning community at Lyman Briggs College gives you opportunities to not only meet like-minded individuals, but to continue your Spartan journeys together and become friends along the way.

While I am just one voice within this university, I hope that my experiences have encouraged each of you to look outside your original ideas of Lyman Briggs College and have opened the possibilities of what you can achieve here as a member of this Spartan family. No matter who you are, no matter what you are going to study, the main point is that you want to be a Spartan and contribute to these memories here in East Lansing. I hope that Lyman Briggs College is a perfect fit for you, that your love for the sciences burns brightly, but also that you find yourself at home here at MSU. Good luck in the rest of your studies, good luck on any future applications or college decisions, and know that we are all here waiting for you to arrive...waiting for all the amazing stories you’ll tell, and to know of all the places you’ll go.