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Briggs Welcomes Dean, Visiting Faculty from Iraq

Briggs faculty, staff, and students are happy to welcome seven faculty members from Iraq (including the dean of the faculty of science) to Holmes Hall and MSU today.

From the University of Duhok in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the group comes to Briggs to work with faculty and staff on curriculum development in biology, ecology, genetics, etc.

Dr. Jerry Urquhart, Briggs biology, leads a lab tour for the visitors"This project is an excellent indicator of our partnership with the university, and helps to demonstrate the Briggs commitment to helping build strong communities for undergraduate science education," said Philip Strong, assistant dean of the college and coordinator of Briggs international programs.

"We are very excited to have them, and share in their learning experience as they work to capacity-build for a nation that has been cut off from science education," he said.

Supported by funding from a State Department grant administered by IREX, the seven visitors are very excited to arrive on campus and get started on the program.

The group met today at Holmes Hall for the first time, were introduced to several faculty members, and toured the lab facilities that make up the main lab area for Briggs.

Beginning tomorrow, the group will spend the next two weeks on campus, taking part in curriculum development workshops and faculty training seminars, as well as observing classes in Briggs and meeting with faculty that match their research interest. This will hopefully make it easy to take the information back with them to teach their faculty and develop curriculum in Iraq.

"We can learn from each other," said Strong. "While they learn to boost the system of natural science study in Iraq, our students and faculty gain a global perspecitive and better understanding of what makes us truly unique."

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