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Briggs Student Group Hosts Science Day for Elementary School Students from Flint

BMA President Vanessa Salmo works with students learning about elementary particles.Last week, the Briggs Multicultural Alliance (BMA) hosted a science day for a class from Potter Elementary School in Flint.

This marks nearly a decade of partnership for the event held by BMA, a student organization that stands for the Briggs core values of diversity and inclusion.

Vanessa Salmo, president of the group and a junior at Lyman Briggs College, said "Science Day is so important, and exactly what we stand for."

"Many of the children come from under-privileged school districts that can barely afford to teach any type of science; students at Lyman Briggs College are very excited about science, so we (BMA) are excited to meet students from all over and encourage them to pursue higher education," she said.

Approximately 20 volunteers showed up to support the group and teach mini-sessions in various scientific fields. Among instructors were Briggs' Dean Elizabeth Simmons, who taught students about elementary particles with plastic tubs and ping pong balls, and Hanni Nichols, a Briggs mathematics instructor, who helped out with an insect demonstration.

Members of BMA pose with the class in front of the Sparty Statue.The event began as a partnership with Shelbi Redmond, a teacher who picks a group of fifth and sixth grade students to bring to MSU each year.

"This is such a great program," said Redmond. "The kids just love coming here, and we're happy to have the opportunity for them to learn more about science."

And the program is on the move. With plans to expand, and the potential to include other schools, BMA will be making an even larger impact in the diverse communities surrounding the Lansing area.

"Our Science Day was a definite success," Salmo said. "We were able to teach students about chemistry, physics, biology, and other things they would not normally get to see until college, and I feel like they really had fun learning from other students and volunteers in a setting outside the typical classroom."

For more photos of BMA's science day event, please visit the Briggs Facebook page.


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Students learn about particles at BMA Science Day
Students used Hershey candies and plastic containers to learn about elementary particles at BMA Science Day.

Students learn about light and physics at BMA Science Dayd
Students were also excited to learn about light by looking through photo filters.

Students got to view more than 1,000 types of insect at BMA Science Day
More than 1,000 insects were on display for students.

Students toured a real biology lab at BMA Science Day
A BMA member also led a tour of the Briggs biology and chemistry laboratories.

Science Theater group performed for BMA Science Day
Science Theater, a student group on campus, provided the finale, including breaking a brick on a member's chest while laying on a bed of nails.