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Briggs Faculty and Staff Excited to Join In First-Ever MSU Science Festival
As MSU celebrates it's first-ever campus-wide science festival, the Briggs faculty eagerly leaps in to help. Drs. Rich Bellon, Robert LaDuca, Aaron McCright, Georgina Montgomery, Robert Pennock, Mark Waddell, and Dean Elizabeth Simmons are all taking part.

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Three Briggs Faculty Featured in Book All About Darwin
Three Michigan State University faculty members have contributed to one of the largest, most comprehensive books focusing on the life, labors and influence of evolutionist Charles Darwin.

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Dean Simmons Essay Featured by Inside Higher Ed
A comprehensive essay on the challenges faced by many administrators and facilitators of faculty in higher education, and a look at why taking part in academic administration should hold appeal for faculty leaders.

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Women Scientists in America Reviewed at Briggs
Briggs Assistant Professor Georgina Montgomery (HPS) reviews the third and final installment in a trilogy of works on women in science, written by a founding mother of the history of women in science, Margaret Rossiter from Cornell.

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Teaching the Philosophy of (Pseudo) Science
Dr. Sebastian Normandin, a visiting instructor at Briggs, recently had his submission chosen for publication on the James Randi Educational Foundation blog. The blog is an educations resource on the paranormal, pseudoscientific, and the supernatural.

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